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Literally though i am nico without the love interest Cool stuff Sorta

Literally though i am nico without the love interest Cool stuff Sorta


'Younger' Star Nico Tortorella On Love, Addiction, And Sexuality. '

Nico Tortorella would like me to take some of the “likes” out of his quotes. “Make me sound smarter,” he jokes. But as the openly bisexual Younger star ...

someday I shall draw Nico not straight out of tartarus, but at least hes sort of smiling?

Nico 1988

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Dan MacMedan

Imagine if Nico died and for hours Will would disappear into random places all around camp, and when people find him he's sobbing and going through his ...

See, if Percy didn't have Annabeth, I would ship Perico (I don't know if that's the ship name but I'm calling it that) or if Jason didn't have Piper I'd ...

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merildae: “i wanted to draw something a bit creepy so heres a ghost king sketch that i colored (sorta. im not shure what level of finish this is but im done ...

John W. McDonough

It's not like you go to a completely new place and none of your history or previous inclinations won't follow you.

John W. McDonough

Nico Deyo

Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi)

J: Yeah [laughs]! It was like, “That Nico Mueller is sooooo hyperactive. He's a workaholic. Everyone is talking about it!” It was an intense session.

WELL CALYPSO GETS AWESOME OFFICIAL ART!---doesn't make up for Nico's though!

John W. McDonough

John W. McDonough

Tough, intelligent, and independent, Nico is very similar to her

Nico Let's state an obvious fact…music is oversaturated with a lot of mediocre content right now. People are releasing music that's good enough to throw ...


'We Were Not User-Friendly At All': The Story Behind The Velvet Underground's Debut. '

...the ship together even though they went their separate ways, some off to college and others to pursue other passions, another member starting his own ...

Forget the wish thing i hate chain mail and stuff like that. I jut love the cute facts on top

Nico Stojan

Although Taylor had oriented himself away from the University, he was still acquainted with the Gang of Four, but not within their inner circle.

I truly believe that this is a "hidden" reference.

If I Was Your Girl_final cover (2)

I have a black kitten I love horror and creepypastas but IM not that dark'n stuff. I do like spookay! things tho < <

#7: Nico Sanchez - Respect The Grind Podcast

If that's the case, then “Side Room Séance” is certainly fitting to close out the project to bring us back to life. A piano riff commences as if the ...

He comes off just as an idiot sometimes, but I think he's actually a lot smarter than…not necessarily how he's written, but how he comes off onscreen.

Nico Walker wrote his semi-autobiographical novel Cherry


When it was just me and I felt like I was alone in the world I would do things without even thinking about the consequences. Now I know that if I do ...

Marvel’s latest superhero series, Runaways, follows six disparate teens who discover their

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click to enlarge Nico Muhly - COURTESY OF ANA CUBA

John W. McDonough

Nico Muhly: The Protest Issue Bonus Interview. "

When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No.

J: I feel like being gay and being a musician helped me a lot actually. I think I wouldn't have made as much music as I did if ...

Guyon and Nico

OH MY FKING GODS SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE A LONG ASS FANFIC OF SOLANGELO. LIKE CHAPTER BOOK LONG. | i'm such a geek | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Solangelo and ...


Speaking volumes with Nico Muhly about his creative process, saying no to projects and Philip


Nico Walker wrote his semi-autobiographical novel Cherry while in federal prison for armed bank robbery.

Neil Armstrong can smell the moon dust after the first moonwalk. (Image credit:


Please excuse the language. They can only travel by shadows? As in, shadow traveling? Does that make my Nico a demon?


There was no way to regulate the shower inside of it, so you had to do it from the outside, which meant the door had to be open, at which point you ...

Niko Giovanni Coniglio

Love Live! School Idol Project


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Muhly's eclecticism is facilitated by Google and iTunes.


On Love. “

Additionally in the SiF game, the occasional story will come around where the girls do express their love.

The Velvet Underground & Nico at 50: Monumental album or just “fine”?

'Younger' Exclusive Portraits by TheWrap: Sutton Foster, Nico Tortorella, Darren Star (Photos)

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Nico One thing that's been on my mind…I've noticed from your social media that you have had the opportunity to be traveling a lot lately.

I think my dad wanted me to know that he realized that all of the things that he did that caused him to be absent in my life, along with the bad ...

So that kiss by the lake… I've been waiting to kiss Hilary Duff for a long time. I think that should be the opener of this story!

Nico If you could take everything that's a part of this philosophy you've presented and put it into a sort of message or lesson, what would it be?

it's like she forces nico to wear pastels one day and he all in yellows and baby blue and he's all flustered aaawwfghhhg. < < repinning for that comment ...

You have to have talent to some degree. Money acts as life support. It can keep some works of art on the fringe in the public eye but if it's inherently not ...

Anon asked for older Nico and Rachel :) I'm not sure hMaybe in their early Also, am I the only one who thinks Rachel would be an awesome art teacher?

Malia Stiles Teen Wolf

Toto Wolff, Mercedes AMG F1 Director of Motorsport in the Press Conference

Nico One thing that's been on my mind…I've noticed from your social media that you have had the opportunity to be traveling a lot lately.

Crash-Into Hello

... Scooter web

Thomas Bartlett & Nico Muhly

Blazer, jeans, and T-shirt, by Gucci. Loafers by Church&#