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I rather die than be alive depressive iwd scars t

I rather die than be alive depressive iwd scars t


i rather die than be alive #depressive #iwd #scars #selfharm #blood

Instead, his hold spell went off, just as I bashed in his ribcage and he fell to the ground, as dead ...

Gore Aesthetic, Bad Bad, The Last Time, Depression Quotes, Fantastic Beasts,

Unfortunately, his final spell got me, bad, and I was forced to drink precious healing potions to stay alive. Out of spells, he rushed me in melee!


When I was in the 11th grade, I was having some personal problems and being very withdrawn from my partner which greatly affect our relationship.

These Hands

Light Among the Shadows

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... and then realized that with every extra companion added, the number of possible conversations grows exponentially, and they instead went with the more ...


iving in Poverty creates health issues that I have never had due to poor nutrition and the constant worry of not having food creates a fear that you may go ...

I needed to process a benefit for a colleague, the company in recognizing the difficult economic terrain had amended the rules to indicate that an employee ...

I didn't want to make a big scene or put you on the spot in front of everyone else, so I thought I'd wait until we were alone to give you this.'



More than 15,000 people participated. Many were immigrants – including one of the main organisers Clara Lemlich, who was only 23.

Send it to [email protected] and your friends at GeeklyInc will help!

The Halfling's Gem


There's a lot of options here to try and talk this out, but we're not really here for conversation. They don't like us being near these ruins, we don't like ...

NACCHO partners with @Mayi_Kuwayu and key Indigenous peak bodies to survey 200,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in national Wellbeing study. “

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Thankfully the plot was more interesting than the gameplay, set 20 years after the Deus Ex, and the world is only beginning to recover from the catastrophic ...

Today I received a phone call from my Mom stating she was tired of living and

I never open my messages on Facebook. But yesterday I decided to open them and

Streams of Silver

Depression: Help Yourself

It wasn't until the late 1800s that American women became concerned with body hair

Rawn had left a previous series, The Exiles Trilogy, incomplete after suffering a family bereavement and a lengthy period of depression.

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Flawless! Former Home And Away star Pia Miller, 34, has flaunted her flawless

Bentha, the lady mage, thanked us profusely, and asked how she could repay us? I demanded nothing more than a hug, which she found odd and hesitated.

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'I don't think she has ever got to worry about the #MeToo


International Women's Day (IWD) began to be observed in the early 20th century as oppression and inequality was spurring women to become more vocal and ...


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'Typical Neanderthal s**t, from a prehistoric halfwit': Another viewer

About what must be less than 20 metres south from the camp we find some dead bodies. How Odema didn't smell anything when he decided for us to stop here for ...

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aim higher africa

People might be economically marginalised, but that doesn't mean that their beliefs and traditions are. Directly or indirectly, they're alive in their ...


poetry quote Ai weiei.jpg



We both look good depressed. #SoFriedSATX poetry & family. #poets #poetry

Vancouver, January 31 2014 – To help break the cycle of poverty and in celebration of the 103 years of international women's day (IWD), Sarah Jamieson of ...

A woman dies and Hope suddenly discovers a cause, something to fight and die for, but a battle even her extraordinary advantage may not be able to help her ...

MWACKKKZ my de ...

Former Home And Away star Pia Miller flaunts her flawless visage | Daily Mail Online

Hi Guys how was your weekend? Hope it was good. Well guess what, the 71st bday party went very well. Pics will come in the next post or so, cos I really ...

Hello Sartorial followers , Remember I had posted that I won't be attending the

Like this:

It's got no stats; it's just a hat, other than it mysteriously makes our hair disappear.

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Just as I was about to leave, a stranger gave me a magic dagger. Thanks, dunce!


I can tell Iannis that his daughter recorded a sensory stone in the Sensorium. I can offer to help, so I do. I ask for Deionarra's legacy, and receive a ...

1. Welcome to The Pixel Project's Read For Pixels campaign, Ms Hunter! Thank you so much for your support for the anti-violence against women work that we ...

Dreaming of communism: News from Nowhere by William Morris

... my success was only ...

3CR International Women's Day

Of course, it also only knew two spells, then charged with a short sword, so I can't have been that clever. Just around the next corner, another bridge ...

More than 260 delegates, many who are Aboriginal leaders in health, will travel from all parts of the state to attend the state conference at the Esplanade ...

(New portrait one of the standard IWD portraits) Luckily, Khalid and Jaheira were just as talented fighters as I had hoped, and held off the wolf, ...

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... Meatloaf together, I bring the desserts… At the end of the movie, thanks to the makers of the 1971 version, Wonka is actually placed in ...

... lens of Persona 5

He admitted while he didn't know the difference between a Picasso and a car crash, he just couldn't "stand the idea of a bunch of frenchies owning America's ...

She ended up severely depressed and anxious: “It took me several months to recognise the signs and acknowledge it.”

I think that's Peter Dinklage on the bottom right contemplating what would happen to Gene Wilder

Close up of tabby cat with a person's face peeking behind, wearing glasses, looking


When someone tells me they have depression my immediate response is "go to a therapist

It was a fierce and lengthy battle, made more difficult by tripwires that I, under heavy battle duress, was given no opportunity to disarm, but we prevailed ...

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Cuomo sues Ernst & Young (Washington Post) [ … but not the mafia (in the new york / new jersey / metropolitan region) 'cause they don't deceive, ...


These guys (and ladies)- who represent about 1% of Nigeria's 180million people are just sorting themselves out without any care for the common man- whom ...

The scars that mark Nigerian born singer Seal have long been rumored to be the result of a tribal scarification rite.

Only with his extensive manhood could attract those kinds of girl. Apart from that, else than being smart, he has a broad outlook of the future.

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I've often wondered....do we give them saint status when

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