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I gave that roof a pizza roofs love pizza Breaking Bad TV

I gave that roof a pizza roofs love pizza Breaking Bad TV


i gave that roof a pizza; roofs love pizza - Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad house owners say people are throwing pizza on their roof | EW.com

... Pizzas on Walter White's Roof. The creator says people have been disrespectful of the owners of the famous home: "


Breaking Bad fence pizza

People Keep Throwing Pizzas On the Roof of the Breaking Bad House - IGN News

Breaking Bad, Walter White, Pizza

'Breaking Bad' Creator Begs Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Walter White's Roof

Featured Image for 'Breaking Bad' house now has a wall to keep fans from

Warning: 'Breaking Bad' actor Dean Norris posed with Louie and Frances Padilla and

Breaking Bad to finally be shown in full on UK TV for the one person who still hasn't seen it

Walter White Throws a Party Pizza on the Roof

... of the few replicable moments from the show that wouldn't get you arrested for felony drug/murder charges. So, naturally, fans visiting Albuquerque have ...

Breaking Bad Walt throws a pizza on the roof

Homeowner: Frances Padilla, who lives inside the Albuquerque home that was used for exteriors


The owners of the New Mexico house that appeared on “Breaking Bad” are sick

The Albuquerque home that served as the stand-in for Walter White's house, here

Breaking Bad Pizza Memes

Breaking Bad Creator Wants Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on White's House - IGN

Image caption So Walter White decides to throw it on his garage roof.

Breaking Bad pizza fence

Breaking Bad Pizza Memes

Vince Gilligan Urges 'Breaking Bad' Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Walter White's Roof | Hollywood Reporter

Breaking Bad pizza fence

'Breaking Bad' creator: Stop throwing pizzas

Breaking Bad character

'Breaking Bad' Fans Still Tossing Pizzas On Walter White's Roof. America's Best Pizza Cities. Try:

People Are Throwing Pizza Because They Love Breaking Bad and That Needs to Stop | E! News Deutschland

SpoilerClothing Colour Breakdown Chart ...

Honest Trailer - Breaking Bad

Visitor: This August 27, 2014 tweet claimed the 'Lady who lives in breaking

Blogs - Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston (Walter White) Answers Fan Questions - AMC

Walked up to the house. The owner came out and said, "Not on

Surly unveils new pizza restaurant on brewery's second floor, opening Friday - StarTribune.com

Breaking Bad action doll row

Walt and pizza

walter white breaking bad

... http://i.imgur.com/MDBtjxr.jpg

Mark Hillary, Flickr // CC BY-2.0

Keep off: The Padillas' Albuquerque, New Mexico, home features a private property



Breaking Bad creator tells fans to stop throwing pizzas onto roof of New Mexico home | Daily Mail Online


Image caption But Skyler doesn't like the pizza much

Sometimes the Signs are Obvious!

breaking bad heisenberg Memes pizza roof season 5 uncertainty principle - 6418213376

... breaking-bad-memes breaking-bad-8 ...

Broad City Star Lands Comedy Central Series

The Best Pizzas in America's Biggest Cities


Get your EW TV news


Naples: Italy's pizza capital ups the temptation

'Breaking Bad' creator to fans: Stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's roof | EW.com. '

I Took The 'Breaking Bad' Tour Of Albuquerque And Got To Hang With Bryan Cranston Along The Way

Breaking Bad Tours Pizza Box

TIL when filming Breaking Bad, Cranston got the pizza on the roof in the first take. : todayilearned

101 Best Pizzas in America for 2017

'Breaking Bad' creator tells fans to stop throwing pizzas on Walt's house roof - NME

placeholder caption

Ringer illustration

... https://i.imgur.com/b2haXwV.jpg

The original Pizza Hut restaurant (pictured) were built by the thousands across the world

I just... I don't even... Who the hell sees a rooftop and considers throwing a pizza on it to be the best possible action they could take!?

Up for grabs: Jesse Pinkman's home from Breaking Bad

Work at a Pizza Place

Thus, time itself came to a standstill when Gianfranco's made an announcement that changed the course of my life: the introduction of the Boss Pizza.

The pizzas, made with the same Dry English Ale Yeast used to make Surly's beer, are all named after a movie or TV reference involving a saucy pie.

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Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan (right) with actor Bryan Cranston, who plays lead

Venezia's Unsliced Pizza Breaking Bad Venezia's Pizza

Caballo sin Nombre Poster

Pizza Man - Order Food Online - 180 Photos & 273 Reviews - Pizza - Murray Hill - Milwaukee, WI - Phone Number - Menu - Yelp

Bryan Cranston Recalls The 'Breaking Bad' Pizza Throwing Scene On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' | HuffPost

Photo of New London Style Pizza - Acton, MA, United States. The only

Photo By: Debby Wolvos

Let's Get Drunk Watching: Breaking Bad

'Walking Dead' Ratings Steady as Andrew Lincoln's Exit Looms

Breaking Bad house

PHOTOS: Surly Pizza Upstairs

Photo By: Bob Hodson Photography

Photo By: Brian Gawne

Photo By: Eliesa Johnson

Photo By: Debby Wolvos

Photo By: Brian Gawne

Photo of The Rooftop - Broken Arrow, OK, United States. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Photo By: Knox Photographics

Photo By: Knox Photographics

Unsurprisingly, the house is nicer in real life than on the show (BreakingBadHouse.com)

As reported by the New York Post, House of Cards actor Alexander Sokovikov took a hiatus from his regular gig, driving a New York yellow taxi, ...