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Belize queen rat This is stewed Gibnut an animal also known as

Belize queen rat This is stewed Gibnut an animal also known as


belize queen rat | This is stewed Gibnut, an animal also known as "the

No two people make stew chicken exactly the same way. In keeping with this tradition, I present the recipe below as it was given to me: with no exact ...

Belizean popular cuisine centers around rice and beans, preferably with some kind of protein accompanying it. Since the beans are usually flavoured with a ...



Moose Tongue

What's good enough for the Queen is good enough for me 😉 Royal rat.


Pioneer Bookworm: Dona Betty's Belizean Stewed Chicken, Rice and Beans

Photo Courtesy: Uncornered Market. Chirmole, also known by locals as “ ...

One of the most common main dishes is stew chicken. It's a Kriol (Creole) based recipe that includes a wide range of spices and recado rojo, ...

Boil Up

Photo Courtesy: littlebelizerestaurant.net

Cow Foot Soup

The bbq gibnuts taste so delicious😍 Very tender and juicy meat. First I got

Bouncy Meatballs

Moose Muffle Stew

Gibnut - dish from Belize

Rice and beans potato salad, fried plantain and stew Gibnut ( aka Royal Rat)

For more adventurous eaters, seek out the gibnut, which is often called “The Queen's Rat” or “The Royal Rat” because it was once served to Queen Elizabeth, ...

Much like a tortilla is to Mexican cuisine, the fry jack is to Belizean cuisine – at least at breakfast. A fry jack is a staple in Belizean cooking, ...

Rosalee's Stewed Pumpkin

I made this recipe as a separate video that the Boil Up meal because we will use this sauce in the future for other dishes. Many Belizean recipes are ...


Escabeche – Belizean Onion Soup A delicate soup eaten with chicken for Sundays…

With its coastal location, Belize is renowned for its lobster. Lobster season kicks off around mid-June with a big Lobsterfest celebration, and the season ...

Homemade guacamole #recipe from my Belize-inspired fiesta on danielledrollins.com

Top 10 Belizean Food Infographic

KAKAW Belizean Chocolate Cake- A recipe from my wonderful friend Kristin.


The Queen Eats Leftovers! from Eat Royally: Fun Food Facts about the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles Slideshow - The Daily Meal

Chilling by the beach in Caye Caulker

How To Make & Assemble Belizean Tamales!

Curry Goat with White Rice, Fried Plantains and Steamed Veggies! #JamaicanFood

While lobster warrants its own mention as a key Belizean food, so does ceviche. Especially on Ambergris Caye, you could spend days eating nothing other than ...

fried beans


Tekken & Deryl rat brothers #oddeye #rat #royalrat #chsroyalrat

Tekken 🐀🐁 #oddeye #rat #royalrat

Conch Fritters

Cow Foot Soup or PigTail

Gibnut Tasting on Belize Food Tours - ourtastytravels.com

Look Ma, I ate a rat #gibnut #royalrat. hefy.belize

Gibnut the "Royal Rat" - so heavenly good at Dawn's - Review of Dawn's Grill, Placencia, Belize - TripAdvisor

Fried Conch at Belizean Flava

Horseback Riding and Xunantunich tour in San Ignacio


Lowland Paca

fried jacks

Home made corn tortilla

Chimole- a traditional Belizian dish. It is made black by a spice paste that

Lobster, conch, shrimp, fish - seafood is tastiest when prepared fresh, and Ambergris Caye chefs make the best dishes for our lucky taste buds!

Fresh Belizean Habanero Pepper Sauce.

Paint process for The "Legends of Belize" tapestry painting titled, Hashishi-Pampi

Paint process for The "Legends of Belize" tapestry painting titled, Hashishi-Pampi


Fried Plantains, white rice, pigtail, dumplings and split peas

enchiladas belize recipe | Hispanic and Latino Americans contribute significantly to our country .


Fried breadfruit (we parboiled the breadfruit then pan fried the slices in coconut oil)

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Ceviche seafood-ceviche belize



#Belize own Home Grown #Coffee

In light of our country's anniversary as an independent nation we're making this food stop as Belizean as one can possibly get. Nothing better than the “ ...

Stew gibnut, stew beans and rice #creolefood #royalrat #placencia

Belizean Cassava Pone.

Paint process for The "Legends of Belize" tapestry painting titled, Hashishi-Pampi

Travellers Liquors Ltd – A rum-a-licious tour!

belizean tacos | Orange walk tacos best one ever!

El Fogon Restaurant San Pedro Belize

Mayan Chocolate Drink

I just ate a gibnut. #royalrat #belize #ediblerodent #smallbones. blahblahanditwasawesome

Belizean Flour Tortilla - 2 cups flour, cup butter, baking powder, and 6 oz milk

Curry Shrimps with Coconut White Rice

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About billion will be made available for members of the Nigeria Cassava Growers Association (NCCA) by the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) in a bid to aid cassava ...



Grilled Lobster at Rose's Grill & Bar

The Queen: What's for Breakfast?

belizean masa | - Belizean food preparation in a mestizo kitchen. Mashing the masa .

She made me nervous and now I adore her. Beautiful Flower Princess Rat Queen .

Ah Kin Mayan Tacos - ourtastytravels.com



Meat pies are one of the tastiest and surprisingly filling Belizean treats to have “on-the-go.” These flaky, miniature pies are filled primarily with ground ...

Mark made lobster stew. Lets just say, it was fantastic. Chopped up lobster, cleaned heads and all, sauteed in coconut oil with onion, sweet pepper and a ...

black cake

Macaroni ...

I'm nuts about this sketchbook piece by Carolyn Gavin which she painted while she

What Should Every Royal Chef Not Serve the Queen?