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White Diamond Steven universe memes t Desenhos

White Diamond Steven universe memes t Desenhos


White Diamond and Pink Diamond eye design prediction | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

I don't think that our pearl is white diamonds pearl but maybe she belonged to someone in her court and then was given to rose

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yellow diamond tagged as "the queen" ~ spoilers/leaks tagged as su spoilers ~ don't repost my art ~ she/her ❖


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Pink and White diamond

stevenuniverse, su

whiTe diamond: Showing that T posing is true way to assert your dominance Steven Universe

The Diamond Ship Con el especial “Wanted” de Steven Universe se nos revela que posiblemente las naves de las diamantes tengan la apariencia de un robot ...

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I ship it>>> 'cause I'm whiling to bet that white diamond was the first and probably remembered what it was like trying to build herself up from nothing and ...

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Steven Universe: Trending Images Gallery | Know Your Meme Steven Universe Homeworld, Steven Universe

White Diamond and Pink Diamond eye design prediction

PLEASE keep putting your theories for who shattered pink diamond in the comments! They'

[SU] Timeout by Sharkielle.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


There's a theory that White Diamond doesn't exist on her own, and that

OH MY GOD THE YELLOW DIAMOND GIRAFFES XD Steven Universe Memes, Fandoms, Universe Art

White Diamond - Legs From Here to Homeworld Steven Universe #whitediamond # stevenuniverse #meme #momo

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T-Munny,SU gif,Steven universe,фэндомы,SU спойлер,Blue

Sorry for the language but this is great

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Rose Quartz+Pearl vs White+Pink Diamond by UnicaGem

I should have thought about this sooner. This means white, blue and yellow diamond are steven's aunts

It's so cute how compatible their pearls are And then there's White Pearl Save her

The Great Diamond Authority White Diamond - Yellow Diamond - Blue Diamond - Pink Diamond

#StevenUniverso #whitediamond

White Diamond- Steven Universe by LaniWolves.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I think she'll be the nicest one' compared to the other's but I don't know, maybe Pink Diamond will be cool? <

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(ง •̀_•́)ง | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme White

omfg i would die if marina voiced white diamond and did a sONG I WOULD DIEEE

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White diamond

tamyarts: “ She's the light (I'm sorry for the blur, Tumblr · Steven Universe ...

White Diamond - Steven Universe White Diamond Steven Universe, Crystal, Random Cartoons, White

Muh Diamond! | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

When you don't even get a namedrop. LapidotSteven universe memesSteven Universe SeasonDiamond ...

Pin de Topaz Swirl em Steven Universe | Pinterest | Desenhos animados, Engraçados e Melhores memes

I'm really hyped but I don't really want to draw more of WD because I don't like to draw characters when I get a few of them (I'm not comfortable drawing my ...

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The diamonds steven universe: Blue, Pink, White, and Yellow

#su, #stevenuniverse

Some top-quality Zircon puns | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

steven universe. White Diamond ...

White Diamonds · Finally - '' There you are . . . ''

THE HOMEWORLD MATRIACH WHITE DIAMOND STEVEN UNIVERSE | Cartoon | Pinterest | Pastinhas, Animação e Utilidades

White Diamond - Steven Universe. Desenhos ...

[by kseniadraws I'm tumblr]

I'm laughing too hard at this Steven Universe Characters, Steven Universe Funny,

mas e claro!! como eu nao vi isso antes? | Steven Universe (UUU) | Pinterest | Coisas aleatórias, Piadinhas e Desenhos

"I don't know why I'm smiling so widely at this." ~Thule. "

There's a lot that supports this theory... Pink Diamond Steven Universe, Perla

E ela finalmente apareceu no desenho... Diamante Branco! And she finally showed up in the cartoon... White Diamond . . . . . #art #SU #StevenUniverse ...

Pin by Ad137rat ✋ on Steven Universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, White diamond steven universe and Universe

"Long Live from White Diamond" - Steven Universe - Fanart

White Diamond - Steven Universe

Use t-pose to assert dominance #stevenuniverse #whitediamond


White Diamond - Steven Universe | Steven Universe - White Diamond | Pinterest | Desenhos animados, Steven universo desenho e Meu universo

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White Diamond

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White Diamond by abstractmouse

Crystal Gems. Diamond EyesPink Diamond SuWhite DiamondsSteven Universe ...

Pink diamond or Steven??

Steven Universe Fan Art! — overlymetaromantic: human pearls???? human.

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steven universe white diamond | Tumblr

Omg I can't wait to see what white diamonds gonna look like

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kevin what in the hookity hackle. Steven Universe ...

interesting theory, but they haven't confirmed that Pearl belonged to White Diamond so

Steven Universe, Yellow and Blue Diamond

stevenuniverse, whitediamond, yellowdiamond, bluediamond, steven - iFunny :) Diamante Branco Steven

Steven universe meme | The diamonds | Pinterest | Piadinhas, Desenhos animados e Disney

My little take on the SU diamonds based on their murals: Blue, White, Yellow. I can't even be mad at the Pink one's file *crashing* because of a power ...

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The Diamonds - Steven Universe

I've been waiting for this | Steven Universe Memes | Pinterest | Steven universe, Steven universe memes and Steven universe funny

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DIAMONDS REVEAL WHITE DIAMOND STEVEN UNIVERSE THEORY White Diamond Steven Universe, Steven Universe Theories,

Have an Adventure on my blog! Pink Diamond (Steven Universe)Steven universe memesFan ...

White Diamond Steven Universe | Diamond Autorities | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme


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By // StevenUniverse. Beautiful Diamond poster🖤💙💛💖✨ by @ruthion30 on instagram!!!

SO CUTE Steven Universe Diamond


#SU, #StevenUniverse, #Meme, #Funny, #fidgetspinner

Then White Diamond gives jer pearl to Rose for some reason, because White has 10000000s of them

Yellow Diamond, same


LOL!!! :) · Steven Universe MemesSteven ...

White Diamond,SU Персонажи,Steven Universe,фэндомы,Blue Diamond,Yellow Diamond