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Turnout Paddocks for the horses Horse Fencing t Horse

Turnout Paddocks for the horses Horse Fencing t Horse



Managing Small Horse Pastures

Does Electric Fencing Stress Horses?

The Ins and Outs of Temporary Horse Fencing

Horse Fencing. Terrain and weather will also be factors in the material you choose, which many people forget to consider. If your pastures are prone to ...

Horse grazing separated with post and rail and electric fencing. TAGS: Turnout problems

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Whether you want to add to the farm landscape or build a fence that's completely utilitarian, here's what you need to know to build the best horse fence ...

post and rail horse fence

M Bowker's track paddock (6).

For all four fencing projects, the safety of the horses was the number-one

Select footing for your confinement area with care. It is a big expense and you

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Winter Horse Pasture and Paddock Management


horse fence

Over the past seven years, we've had two incidents with our horses and the fences. One, back in 2007, involved another one of my daughter's dressage horses ...

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Horses on a spring pasture

Creating a Sacrifice Area for Horses. Paddocks

Dry lot turnouts with natural free choice feeders installed around them on a walking path gives horses something to do. The movement is great for older, ...

My horse keeps escaping


This is a great example of a very large track paddock. It weaves around the

HappyHorseHealthyPlanet_Paddock Paradise Cover

Safe bet: Traditional timber post and rail fencing is one of the best options for horses.

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Diane Francisco | Diane's relationship with horses began at five years old when she begged for

Understanding Herd Dynamics

Rotational grazing adds up to horse pasture payoff

Credit: Thinkstock. Credit: Thinkstock. Many horse property owners worry about fencing.

Horse Run-In Shed equine, horse shelter equine, horse property drainage


small electric paddock for horse | Equisafe offer - electric horse fencing, horse paddocks fencing

Turnout Time

Shocking: Electric Fencing Doesn't Cause Undue Stress On Equines

Horses Grazing Summer Pastures. Your horse's ...

Horses in Pasture

Spring Turnout Tips for Horses

Homeland Farms, a Montevallo, Alabama horse boarding farm.

Seed Mixes for Horse Pastures: Grass, Seeds, & Herbs for Nutrition

Willow along the track, created by willow brances stuck in the ground.

individual turnouts or six individual on one side of barn and a track to a group turnout

A Different Kind Of Turnout; Paddock Paradise

"When you see horses sorting out dominance, it's not usually the top dog versus the lower dog," says equine behaviorist Sue McDonnell, PhD.


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Easy does it: horserail is a flexible, durable horse fence that is easy to

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Many people use hog fuel or wood chips for larger areas as it is more cost

Fences are one of the most common discussion points among the Blackburn team and clients when we're designing an equestrian facility.

Horse Fencing

Petrie Equine Construction | Creating Horse Properties of Distinction | Horse Fence, Horse Paddock,

A horse grazing in a field with good fencing

The daily turnout available to Poudre River Stables horses goes a long way toward keeping them

Are you looking for a home for your horse where maximum turnout time, amazing trails and amenities, quality care, and a fun and drama free environment are a ...

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electric fence:This fence setting provides a daily turnout area where horses encourage each other

Periodically walk the fence line to check for downed boards.

A catch and holding pen that has gate openings to two pastures, and a third

Turnout for horses: 24/7, part-time or not at all? Here are the pros and cons... - Horse & Hound

Horseguard Fencing Possibilities. Electric Fence Designs Horse ...

Clydesdale horses along fenceline

Horse Fencing

Horses who wear muzzles, however, can't appreciate these benefits. Some are very adept at removing the headgear, rubbing masks off on fence posts and even ...

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image of horse in field

A Different Kind Of Turnout; Paddock Paradise | Horse Pastures | Pinterest | Horse, Horse barns and Horse care

Credit: Thinkstock

horses make tracks in pasture

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Ramm Horse Fencing

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Horses can thrive outdoors, even in the depths of winter. ©EQUUS Magazine.

Stall vs. Pasture

Give your pasture a makeover before turnout - INSIGHTS - Farmers Guardian

Paddock Paradise / Horse Track System


Horse crib biting on fence.

Spring equine Pasture Precautions, equine pasture turnout, grazing muzzle, equine founder, equine

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Shade Sail shelter for horses More

Night Turnout

Minimizing horse turnout injuries - An infographic by HorseDVM


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Don't worry---you're in good company. In fact, around the country, the small horse farm---10 acres ...

Photo of a thoroughbred horse out in paddock near the fence looking curious.

Turnout, particularly with companions, helps maintain a horse's physical and mental condition.

Track paddock for horses around arena Horse Paddock, Horse Stables, Horse Fencing, Horse

We had sand added to half of it during this summer ready for this year - if you have road planings then the horses WILL roll on them.

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To Turnout or Not to Turnout: A Million Dollar Question

If when you move your horse you're worried about turning him out twith others