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Tbh Kratos doesn39t look more badass He simply looks like a grumpy

Tbh Kratos doesn39t look more badass He simply looks like a grumpy


Tbh Kratos doesn't look more badass. He simply looks like a grumpy old

What beardless Kratos looks like when textures are applied. ...

RE: People who keep saying they don't know why Commander isn't · ‹‹

Loki saw all the memories of Odin's first born and emulated them from birth so Odin would sympathize with him and help him, that's why Loki and Hela act ...

I have the high ground This is a ultra meme


So yes Sam is Smart, he is a better Hunter than Dean but sometimes he went selfish ( he should've looked for Dean when he was in Purgatory ) whereas Dean is ...

as we shall see when looking through all of Desak's fights he is immune to all god power, he feeds on/absorbs god power to become more powerful mid fight ...

Um lets see... grumpy old man complaiing or badass dude entertaining. And I hope you all notice that Man vs. Wild crew also gets in on the action. And yeah.

nico looks like it hurts to smile but he finally just doesnt care and that makes me a little more happy

God of War have never failed to dazzle me with its epicness. After all these years I'm still not able to find any title that can beat GoWs in that factor.

"I WISH FOR THIS" ~ Misha Collins about Maison's dandelion story [GIFSET] ... awww ♥◡♥ he got so emotional about this story that he dropped some tears .

I hope the upcoming God of War game has a Thor boss fight since it is going through Norse mythology ...

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God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This is an amazingly awesome headcanon! I like this better then the lightning bolt symbol. (art by burdge via tumblr)

Why is Hunk sniffing Pidge's shirt is what I want to know.

... kidd for instance, he looks super confident and badass. He looks ready to take on anything and anyone. Kidd in game just doesnt carry that over to well.

See more. Reylo – Everything was easier when he was darkness, and she was light, but

Don't you hate it when you get your blades of chaos tangled in an · ‹‹

I'm sure people are going to complain at me about this · ‹‹

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saberghatz: Portraits: Nico di Angelo and Will Solace The setting is post-BoO

Tao wae you look so cool~ keke i totally love how he is wearing blue~ and he looks so badass like this~ I love it~!

Funny photos funny kid punk badass over here meme

So even Daleks ship Rose/Doctor?

This is 100 percent true. < < more like when bell started to look at her in that loving way, but I agree with this < < < < HAHAHA 💯 percent true!

Perhaps my favorite thing about him is that he is so shy and private.

So adrien thought that kagami looked more like ladybug than marionette does?

phemiec: “ “ Anonymous said: ” “ if it's alright, could you point

okay but the tony thing tho. i need that to happen so the others can stop seeing him as this insensitive asshole who just wants to make money

Ares wears a helmet and carries a gun. He doesn't want to fight

Fairy Tail fans Civil War - Imgflip This,my dear people, is how wars

Central Kentucky Research is currently enrolling for Clinical Drug studies for Migraine Headaches– Call for details - See more at: www.


Idk who "him" is. but I am known to give the peace sign when i just don't feel like talking to someone anymore LOLLL

Rowena, Various and Sundry Villains

Funny Memes - CLICK 4 MORE MEMES (pro_raze)

Big three(God of war) VS Childrens of the BIg three(Percy Jackson)


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I Love Robert Downey Jr! He's such a great actor and is so hilarious :)

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

This is like what the Gods and Goddesses would look like if they were in high school :D

Extreme look alikes. I don't normally lie on my hand like that.

Gah, I'm so excited for Civil War! I need more Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in my life. Seb looks like such a rugged badass in this ...


See more. Thus proving Nine is one of the best Doctors in the universe and all parallel universes

Find this Pin and more on Star Wars by 唯 李. See more

Find this Pin and more on Star Wars by 唯 李. See more

Extreme makeup with black band along temple

"Hey come and look at the dump I just did Mom!" - Imgur. "

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Ghost of Tsushima's E3 debut analysed: a stunning late-gen showcase • Eurogamer.net

☆Sakura looking like a badass 😋 ☆She's adorable ❤ 🌸🐝🌸 ☆NOT

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Just look at that, those eyes, thats the face of a broken woman, if that doesnt paint Diana on a whole diferent light for you, then i dont know what you are ...

See more. She is Yvana!

Well I like finnick but I still Love Peeta more

"My Patronus is a Dementor." lol grumpy cat/ Harry potter

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He is totally gonna be terrible in --- I love this but really am not a fan of how much the fandom loves him. Like why can't we all just accept that ...

I'm only good at Mario Kart - not even racing games, just Mario Kart

Desperate Romantics--Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti--I want that vest!

Yo you seem like you know a lot about black butler so who's the Lady that the last one is talking about @petra Ral. yep. It's Angela :))

Berry bois at their best

Eren's mom looks like 15 year old Eren with a wig.

one does not simply watch just one episode of greys anatomy - Boromir THIS IS SO TRUE.

Black is Beautiful

I love Adam Lambert already, and I can totally see him as Gabe Sasse!

BITCH you don't phase me..keep talkin shit..think i care umm no..now look who is looking dumb lmao

Fictional Character Crush: Hiro; JUST LOOK AT DAT FACE!!! < <

Dekota Green

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

"Have you ever just looked at someone and automatically felt annoyed?" - Umm YES!

Just saw a donkey crossing the road. Cool thing was, he looked both ways before crossing. What a smart ass.

there's a lot of shit I just don't care about anymore

See more. I don't need the last laugh.. I've been laughing at

See more. Ares God of war, spring, growth in nature, agriculture, terror, anger

This sweet dog looks fearful y scratched up, this is in noway funny. This dog is in fear y sad. Forget the writing in pic y look ...

Gen Mattis - why won't u punish drill sergeants that rape

So devestating to lose someone who gave us so much joy and laughs!♡♡♡ BROKEN, he just hid it!Beautiful fake smile All it takes is a beautiful fake smile ...

naimly: “I drew a poster for the game Contrast, just for fun. ”

God of War, por Abraão Lucas

See more. Just watched the Space Mall episode and that is literally the only picture of him without

I would appreciate the movie alot more if she looked like this

Fictional Character Crush - luv Q and guilty pleasure slash ship is 00q!

Oh grumpy cat

See more. Whoops, accidentally made a good decision. Definitely not something Anakin would do

Find this Pin and more on what my manz needa b like if he gonna deserve me by itsemmabeyotch. See more

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/23 Jul 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

so true!


Soon Jehovah will wipe out all the tears caused by pain and suffering.

I never noticed that, in this pic, Sherlock looks like the Happy Mask Salesman.