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Sowon Gfriend 2017 gfriend t Girl group

Sowon Gfriend 2017 gfriend t Girl group


Ever since the K-Pop hype is everywhere in the world, plenty of new K-Pop girl groups start to appear. One of them is GFRIEND. If you want to find out more ...

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Wallpaper Gfriend Concert 2018 kpop Yuju SinB Yerin Umji Eunha Sowon Kpop Girl Groups, Korean

Sowon Shares First Impressions Of GFRIEND Members And Which Female Idol She's Close With


Why is it rare for female Idols to get ear piercings? Find this Pin and more on Gfriend Sowon ...

dedicated to female kpop idols. Find this Pin and more on Sowon Gfriend ...

Gfriend Sowon

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GFriend (여자 친구) is a new girl group debuting in early 2015 under the label Source Music. This group consists of 6 members namely Sowon, Eunha, Yerin, ...


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Gfriend for Ize Magazine!

Sowon (GFriend) | DO NOT edit | Girls Grapher

GFRIEND - Sowon, Eunha, Yerin Kpop Girl Groups, Korean Girl Groups, Kpop

GFRIEND Twitter update at Inkigayo #GFriend #여자친구 #Sowon #김소정 #Yerin

Real GFRIEND #Sowon Date: 160622

Sowon unnie

Korean Girl Groups · gfriend parallel sinb teaser photo, gfriend PARALLEL, gfriend LOVE WHISPER, gfriend LOVE WHISPER

GFRIEND has released a set of individual teaser images of Yerin, Eunha, & Umji for their upcoming mini-album “Time for the Moon Night” which is scheduled to ...


dedicated to female kpop idols. GFriend Yerin



dedicated to female kpop idols.

On September 4 at midnight KST, GFRIEND continued to tease fans about their upcoming comeback with new photos of two of their members—Sowon and Yerin!

[Gfriend] at After School Club

GFRIEND's Agency Shares Update After Minor Car Accident, Members Currently Resting At Home

GFriend - SoWon 소원 : Pongyo Autonomous Motor Show 2017

Update: GFRIEND Reveals Beautiful Group Photos For Comeback With “Rainbow”


GFRIEND Members Profile: Sowon

#GFRIEND #Sowon for Nylon Magazine May Edition

Airport Fashion 101: Sowon of GFriend

Sowon Gfriend airport fashion Airport Fashion, Airport Style, Kpop Fashion, Denim Fashion,

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gfriend 10+ magazine, gfriend photoshoot 2017, gfriend kpop profile, gfriend kpop members. Girl Group ...

Today is Kim So Jung's (aka Sowon) 21st birthday (22nd in korean age). Sowon is a member of the korean girl group GFriend (they are under Source Music) in ...

Gfriend Sowon Airport Fashion

Eunha. 180428 리복 팬싸인회 은하 (4).jpg

GFriend Part on Twitter: "[Dispatch] '171cm average height', Girl Group Tall-dol "Highway Legs GFriend Sowon" Source: https://t.co/1Voax707gt… ...

PicsRed Sowon ...

GFriend on New EP 'The Awakening': 'We Wanted to Show How Versatile We Could Be'

2:59 PM - 3 Sep 2017

Why are the members of GFRIEND so tall!!

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GFRIEND is set to return on September 13, with the release of their mini album repackage “Rainbow” and music video for their title track “Summer Rain” at 6 ...

GFriend to release new album April 30. The group consists of singers Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji.

Girl Group Zone! on Twitter: "[PICS] 170228 GFRIEND 4th Mini Album 'THE AWAKENING' Concept Photo - Yerin, Sowon, Eunha… "

yerin gfriend

Sowon as Dania

Can't wait for their comeback and their Album will have 2 versions!

Watch: GFRIEND Compares Love To “Summer Rain” In Sentimental MV

[Interview] GFriend "Satisfied In New Dorm .. CEO Gave Us TV"

PicsSexy Sowon!

G-Friend want to do these things since all members are of legal age now

SinB tops the list of individual girl group member brand values in October, followed by Momo and Irene

The girls opened the show with their hit song Fingertip. They also let the local fans hear the ballad version of Summer Rain in a heartfelt performance.

GFriend at the 2016 Melon Music Awards

GFriend in 2015

netizens noticed to jin and sowon awkward behaviour to each other

Eunha GFriend

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PicsSowon ...

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PicsThe way Yerin looks at Sowon ...

GFriend on stage during KCON16 LA, on July 30, 2016.

GFRIEND Sowon Has The Longest Legs In Kpop?

sowon · gfriend

PicsSowon: ...

(From Left to Right: Eunha, Yerin, Sowon, SinB, Yuju, Umji). GFriend ...

gfriend-rainbow-sowon4 gfriend-rainbow-sowon3 ...




Sowon. 9b1897a64766c9f83e28d929c5b26d2b.jpg

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Girl Group Zone! on Twitter: "[PICS] 170906 GFRIEND The 5th Mini Album Repackage 'RAINBOW' Individual Teaser Image - SinB… "

PicsGorgeous Sowon!

GFRIEND is a girl group under Source music who debuted with the EP Season of Glass in South Korea on January 16, 2015. The group consists of six members: ...

Gfriend "Time for the moon night" Concept Photo 3 | KPop Girl Groups Amino

PicsThe Three Cuties - Yuju, Eunha and Sowon ...

Yoona (Girls' Generation)

Sowon - Gfriend by mintpatii

Unedited Photos Show How Tall GFRIEND Actually Is In Real Life

My ultimate no.1 group Gfriend, had chances to debut in following groups: SOWON

Summer Rain (2017)