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SADHU LE SERBE Perpignan France artcorptattoocomserbe

SADHU LE SERBE Perpignan France artcorptattoocomserbe


Tatouage - Oldserb Tattoo Club - Perpignan

... Wonderful skull tattoo by Sadhu le Serbe ...

The tattoos of Sadhu le Serbe are fed with his various experiences. Mostly dark, they mix blackwork with graphic effects. The result is curious, ...

inkin - tatouage calligraphie sur torse - sadhu le serbe.jpg

Tattoo by Sadhu Le Serbe, Perpignan, France artcorptattoo.com/serbe

30 Of The Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

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30 Of The Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

SADHU / LE SERBE Perpignan, France artcorptattoo.com/serbe Sadhu Le Serbe Facebook

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thievinggenius: “ Tattoo done by Sam Clark. @samclarktattoos ”

15+ Cosmic Tattoo Ideas For Astronomy Lovers

DNA molecules, atoms and periodic table by Mpatshi Plus

Traditional Rose tattoo Sleeve finished at 2720 tattoo Toledo Ohio

Sleeve finished at 2720 tattoo Toledo Ohio

"She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire." Charles Bukowski. "

Casey Hannan's squares tattoo

sacred geometry tattoo 10


Visuel du projet Sadhu Le Serbe - OldSerb Archives (BOOTleg ARTtitude)

Calligraphy Tattoos by Sadhu Le Serbe

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War and Peace, Pablo Picasso

Atheist "A" with DNA circle

26 Beautiful Tattoos All Science Nerds Will Appreciate

To boldly go where no man has gone before. Star Trek The Original Series tattoo. I love that it's on her foot. I also like the idea of "Energize", ...

very cool ink ~ Pietro Romano I'm getting something like this done on me next! (:

Cool cut tree trunk tattoo on back

Space compass tattoo done by me

My Science Tattoo: Why I did it, and what it means? - Michel Triana

... tatouage oldserb tattoo club, sadhu le serbe, inkme tattoo, tatouage

A bunch of cute small girls #tattoo

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Born Oppenheimer Approximation, 3-D Schroedinger Equation and Schroedinger Equation 3 Tattoo, Think

Upper Arm Dna Doule Helix Stand Mens Tattoo Design In Form Of Tree

Watercolor tattoo - lightning bolts. #tattoo #watercolortattoo

Astronomy solar system planet tattoo

Tatuaje de silueta de cara de mujer

My Carbon Atom tattoo

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yann black tattoo on girl body art abstract design avant garde modern lines red black lower back

Not a tattoo I would get, but I love my Nifty Fifty!

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Tattoo of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine molecules. The bottom two (serotonin and dopamine) are very close to what I want.

DNA Tattoo - An artistic take on a DNA strain

Chemistry tattoo | Ink in 2018 | Pinterest | Tattoos, Chemistry tattoo and Atom tattoo

simbolos de los planetas tatuaje - Buscar con Google

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Darwin and Einstein tattoo by Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo, via Flickr

... Amazing ... .

Creative Sleeve Tattoos For Men (HD Images) - #14299 #sleevetattoosformen # tattoos

Simple Lines And Dots Are Turned Into Stunning Modern Tattoos

geometric circle tattoo - Cerca con Google

With green shading for mental health

Here's my tattoo representing the tree of life, based loosely on a couple of phylogenetic trees drawn by Ernst Haeckel.

Compass atom galaxy arrow tattoo with the quote of Hanibal " i will either find a

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Gostou ...

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the sketch style I love you. It's Icarus, one of my favorite characters from Greek Mythology.

Sugammadex and Henderson Hasselbach…my new New Zealand additions. Love Coen at Taupotatto in Welly.

Tattoo by Marie Kraus

52 Fotos de tatuagens nas costas

Moose skull with projection of a tesseract. Thanks Niesha! 🐲⬜ 🔸✨

DNA atom Combo

Atheist tattoo.

Tree of Life tattoo, something like this DNA base, And darwin tree of life as the top and "grandeur" quote below it

Masculine Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men: Tribal And Small Chest Tattoo Ideas ~ randomkitty.

Fact ≠ Fiction. I like this one a lot. | Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration | Pinterest | Tattoos, Atheist tattoo and Science tattoos

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Water molecule. Print on white shirt and enter a "wet t shirt" contest. Haha

Ink planet tattoo color …

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Dotted Lines Solar System Back Tattoo

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Many of us know that tattoos are meant to draw attention. The basic purpose of getting a tattoo is to be in the center of attention.

Some of the most unique and rare tattoos available are the atomic tattoos. There are many categories and designs of tattoos.

#tattoo #tattoos #Ink love the effects Great Tattoos, Beautiful

Tatuaje de fórmula química del café

30 Scientific Atomic Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Secrets of The Universe

Tattoos that deserve a little attention (54 Photos)

MAïKA ZAYAGATA Montreal, Quebec, Canada maikatattooart.com facebook.com/TattoobyMaika Instagram @tattoobymaika Email: [email protected]

Lost Girl: Light Fae

OMG! I LOVE This. I remember in college when I wanted to get a giant pear and my friends thought it was ridiculous. Still love the idea!

Tattoos and art from DotsToLines @Portfoliobox

Space Invaders geek retro-stuff... Had to pin this because .... Honestly, its pretty AWSOME

Makes me want to do a saber on one and a blade on the other. Or an X-Wing on one shooting TIE Fighters on the other. Putting fists together to make the ...


Creative Atom Galaxy Science Tattoo On Arm Sleeve

Billedresultat for tattoo dna

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." From "Ulysses" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson #armtattoo. "

Math Tattoos Designs And Meaning On Arm Image

#Arrow Compass Atomic tattoo with initials of my loved ones as a symbol of my universe and my direction. Done by #Tycho #Veldhoen, Amsterdam.