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Rubino Rosella Secondary mutations are combinations of two or

Rubino Rosella Secondary mutations are combinations of two or


Rubino Rosella | Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such .

Rubino Rosella | rosella mutations

Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such they are

Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such they are

The primary mutations of eastern rosellas are : DILUTE more commonly know as PASTEL

Golden-mantled Rosella

Newest Cockatiel Mutations | New mutations Pale Headed Rosellas For Sale - Birds For Sale With Free .

Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such they are. DILUTE OPALINE

this is a mutation of Eastern #Rosella #parrot (Platycercus eximius) - native to southeast of the Australian continent and to Tasmania

Crimson Rosella Mutation

Rubino Rosella | divendres, 4 maig de 2012 Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful

Rubino Rosella | Diszállatok, és szobanövények bemutatása Goldfish, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful,

Eastern Rosella is a parrot native to Australia and is an amazing singer; it is also able to learn to speak but the bird prefers to stay away from humans.

Omnicolore rubino

Some other mutations are not yet realy etablished today but some specimens are alive and breeders are trying to get etablish strong strains of

Crimson Rosella by Duade Paton, via 500px Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Birds, Pretty Birds

Eastern Rosella fanning tail while vocalising

Golden Mantled Rosella Mutations

Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such they are. DILUTE OPALINE. DILUTE CINNAMON

Western Rosellas. 107/365 by john.dart, via Flickr. Beautiful photo

Australian Eastern Rosella... when I used to rescue and re-home Parrots

opaline melinistic eastern rosella Parrots, Parakeets, Opaline, Turtle, Birds, Parrot,

This gorgeous crimson rosella landed at a sanctuary bird feeder!

these will be the colours of my next AMIGOS woopper.... Rosella Cockatiel

Colour variability in Crimson Rosellas is linked to a virus Tropical Birds, Colorful Birds,

Crimson Rosella by Michael Cleary on 500px Kinds Of Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds

Pale Headed Rosella hybrid or colour mutation. | BIRDS in BACKYARDS Cockatoo, Australian Parrots

The Northern Rosella (Platycercus venustus), also known as Brown's Parakeet or Smutty Rosella, is found in Australia's Top End. It is unusually coloured for ...

Stanley rosella mutation

Yellow colouring of the Adelaide Rosella (Platycercus adelaidae)

Crimson Rosella - Photographer: M Odey

Legend has it that early settlers first encountered the Eastern Rosella at Rose Hill, now

rosella (990×581)

For those of you wondering about the mystery species below, many were correct in guessing that it is a rosella. It is a blue mutation. ~Patty (photo from.

Barnardparkiet blauw

Rubino Eastern Rosellas

Eastern Rosella - Platycercus eximius This colorful parakeet is the Eastern Rosella, scientifically named Platycercus


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Rosella ( Australia) Such a beautiful bird, I have always wanted to go bird

PAR-BLUE. GOLDEN (which occurs in Golden Mantle subspecy). Secondary mutations are combinations of two or ...

Secondary mutations are combinations of two or more mutations. Such they are. DILUTE OPALINE. DILUTE CINNAMON



Our 2 new Rosy Bourke year olds, Rosa Lee & Arthur Marvin. Pictures of Rosy & Arthur will .

All information about Eastern rosella. Pictures of Eastern rosella and many more.

Platycercus means "broad-" or "flat-tailed", reflecting a feature common to the rosellas and other members of the broad-tailed ...

Northern rosella


Crimson Rosella Parrot Feathers ~ An example of red and blue in nature. Parrot Feather

The vibrant plumage of the crimson rosella brilliantly contrasts with the rainforest and woodlands they inhabit. They are sociable birds found throughout ...

Crimson Rosella | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Green Rosella at Corinna. #rosella #tasmania #disovertasmania Image Credit: Peter Bray


Green Rosella Portrait 2 by SillyOldBugger (in and out of internet range) on Flickr

Eastern Rosella | Eastern Rosella photo image 2 of 8 by Ian Montgomery at birdway.

Breeding Rosellas Parakeets | Rosella Birds Australia

Australian Rosella Parrot (photo from public domain) - Pixdaus. A seed eater and usually found in small groups of up to ten birds.

bourke-parrot Owners Share the Good, the Bad and S.

... red-tailed black cockatoo, ...

Platycercus adscitus palliceps

Zebra Finch Mutations | South East Qld Zebra Finch Society

BEAUTY OF WILDLIFE: Some Unique and Rare Mutation and Genetically Photography Of…

Rosella, Rubino

... the gang-gang cockatoo, and ...

Yellow Rosella

These mutations can be combined to produce further mutations such as Cinnamon-Lutino or by far the most striking Rubino which is a combination ...

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Mutant Parakeet Of The Day ... see more at PetsLady

Do cockatoos potentially have the ability to back mutate into green coloration, similar to the way that the pearl cockatiel may have mutated back into an ...




Eastern hens tend to be very shy if their log is left in the aviary all year round, diving into their log as soon as they hear anyone approach their aviary.


The natural habitat of pale-headed rosella is southeast part of Australia , that is from York Peninsula to northern New South Wales . There are two ...

I need to get me a bourkes or two.

The yellow rosella is a very close relative of the crimson rosella. It is similar in size, makes similar sounds but has a much more restricted range in ...



My phylogeny of the most likely line of descent for structural coloring

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Few birds in nature are as beautiful and colorful as the Rosellas. They are very popular with aviculturists because of their colors and their relative ...

The Green Rosella is Australia's largest rosella at an average length of 14.4 - 14.5 ins. or 36 - 37 cm (including tail), although it is only considered ...

The Northern rosella is commonly referred to as Brown's Rosella, in tribute to the man who first described the species in 1820 (Brown Kuhl).

The breeding season for Eastern Rosellas commences in August and can go through to January. We pack our logs with a dampened mixture of peat moss and ...


Eastern Rosella gloriously gorgeously gaudy!! patterns & colours of outrageous beauty!



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Apart from the nominate form, there are two recognised subspecies of the Eastern Rosella - the Golden Mantle (Platycercus eximius cecilae) and the Tasmanian ...

As with most aviary birds (excluding lorikeets) hard seed forms the basis of our Easterns' diet, and while a small parrot mix would be suitable our ...

Back on the main subject, see pic below of Phil's Pied opaline which correlates to the last 2 birds in our topic pic (just add emerald) ...