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Remember Hey Arnold This is him now feel old yet

Remember Hey Arnold This is him now feel old yet


Remember Hey Arnold?! This is him now, feel old yet?

blackhipstervegan on Twitter: "y'all remember Gerald from hey Arnold? Well this is him now, feel old yet? #MetGala… "

Remember Hey Arnold?! This is him now, feel old yet??? Princess Pink and the Land of Fake - Believe - 2 Little Red Quacking Hood

Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This is him now. Feel old yet ?pic.twitter.com/R7D4nbUWbi

Remember Arnold from Hey Arnold? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Remember Gerald Martin Johanssen from "Hey Arnold!"? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Gerrrrr - Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This him now. Feel old yet?

Helga, Arnold, and Gerald take it outside Nickelodeon

Pat on Twitter: "Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This is him now.. Feeling old yet? http://t.co/ViiEYEGv8H"

remember Hey Arnold? that's him now. FEEL OLD YET?

Real talk: it makes me kind of sick (in the best way!) to see how much nostalgia they poured into the new trailer for Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, ...

Arnold and the Hillwood crew (Image courtesy of Nickelodeon)

AA T ¶ ⒞

Before I attempt to expound on why I believe the latest and perhaps last Hey Arnold production was an objectively tragic failure, it's important that I ...


nikki giatras on Twitter: "“@GiannaTunzi: Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This is him now. Feel old yet? http://t.co/N8D8b42A19” @evieconwayy"

Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This is him now. Feel old yet? #

remember gerald from hey arnold? this is him now. feel old yet ?pic.twitter.com/SiNtrBHEOL

Lane Toran and Francesca Marie Smith in Hey Arnold! (1994)

There were some characters in Hey Arnold! that probably would make some people feel a little uneasy today. And why didn't I notice as a kid that Arnold's ...

... '80s and '90s who have been waiting patiently to find out some answers about their favorite characters from Nickelodeon's hugely popular Hey Arnold! ...


Hey Arnold! Creator Craig Bartlett Discusses Everyone's Favorite Football Head

Hey Arnold!'s Thanksgiving episode is about making peace with your own weirdness

Reboot: Hey Arnold! in is talks to make a sixth season comeback

Hey Arnold! Arnold's Halloween Review with Bonuses by HistoryisAwesomeGuy on DeviantArt

pleasant annoyed Tapir. .. remember Hey Arnold? that's him now. FEEL OLD

Craig Bartlett with Arnold and Gerald. (Graphic: Emi Tolibas)

Remember Gerald from Hey Arnold? This is him now, feel old yet? @


Hey Arnold

Contrary to popular belief, Arnold does not wear a kilt but instead dons a plaid

Funny Ass Clip from Hey Arnold!

... the earlier seasons is drastically different from the later episodes. These episodes look like they were drawn with chalk or a felt-tip marker. And some ...

Hey Arnold!

Hey, so, remember that super dark theory about Pigeon Man from "Hey Arnold"?

hey arnold

https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. Remember, Arnold ...

I am not denying it was a great dose of the old school Hey Arnold! adventure and excitement for the good 'ol characters we loved. Even if Gerald was a token ...

Arnold's Christmas Title Screen

Recap How 'Hey Arnold!' Ended Before The 'Jungle Movie' Solves The Show's Greatest Mystery

The Last Letter P.1 by KasuKAPL ...

... this review off with an insanely funny story that happened to me this week. And of course, it's about my love for the upcoming TV Movie, Hey Arnold!

S1, E11: "Arnold's Christmas"

The Patakis: Helga & Arnold Forever (A Hey Arnold/The Patakis fanfic)



“Operation Ruthless” is a winner if only for the highly emotive last scene where Helga longingly watches Arnold, Phoebe and Gerald exit the fair, ...

Helga's love potion

If the previous episode of Hey Arnold, 'Field Trip', was about showing Arnold's maturity, and the lack thereof of Arnold's classmates, then the fifth ...

'Hey Arnold!' TV Movie in the Works at Nickelodeon

“It's seems like we've been waiting forever,” Bartlett, who originally created the Arnold character 20 years ago for the clay-mated Penny shorts featured in ...

Season 1, Episode 3, "Arnold's Hat"

I went out to a meetup and got to talk about Hey Arnold and wanted to doodle some of the cast when I got home so I did!

20 years ago today, Hey Arnold! ushered Nickelodeon into primetime

These two together is perfect and yet it's terrible. Hey Arnold, Old Cartoons,

How to Draw Helga from Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold! Get season 8 on YouTube


'Hey Arnold!'_ As Adults - Off-Topic - Comic Vine

Whose reactions are you guys more curious about, the younger fans that are gonna watch The Jungle Movie, or the older fans, who grew up with the show and ...

Hey Arnold! Arnold's Valentine Review by HistoryisAwesomeGuy on DeviantArt

1. arnoldlead2

He tells the Jolly Olly man about how he's doing a shit job at keeping himself cool (seriously--sitting in a hot house with an open window is better than ...

remember gerald from hey arnold? this is him now. feel old yet ?pic.twitter.com/SiNtrBHEOL

But Arnold doesn't give up trying to give Eugene the best day of his life. Eugene, despite him going through physical pain, appreciates everything that ...

Gotta love Harold

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Heyyy Arnold!

The first panel for Hey Arnold: Arnold and his Grandma hanging out at the boarding house. Courtesy of Craig Bartlett

'Westworld' Recap 1×03: Hey Arnold

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The hunky actor who voiced Hey Arnold! now sends fans weak at the knees - Mirror Online

Sabrina the teenage witch, SM:TV Live, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's

Alfred Molina provides the voice of resident villain Lasombra, while Mason Vale Cotton, Benjamin Flores, Jr. and Francesca Marie Smith star as Arnold, ...

He cleans up nice. Find this Pin and more on Hey Arnold! ...

Arnold, Helga, and Gerald in their current Nickelodeon incarnation, Hey Arnold! © Nickelodeon.

I have been waiting for 1 year and 4 months so far for this Jungle Movie to happen. And with only 4 months left of waiting, Nickelodeon released so many ...

Inevitably, a television series goes through a feeling out process at the beginning. When it comes to an animated sitcom, many of the voice actors play ...

I remember one commercial which showed silhouettes of Hey Arnold! character's heads and match them with various things and ask you to guess who it was.

hey arnold jungle movie

Arnold helps him leave the stoop, but Stoop Kid continues to struggle because he feels safe there. It's such a memorable episode despite Stoop Kid not ...

Check this guy out on insta super dope paintings ...

Hey Arnold Memes | Know Your Meme

Helga Pataki in her signature pink and red dress and pink bow.