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Red velvet irene t

Red velvet irene t




Red velvet irene

Red Velvet has finally made their long-awaited comeback and fans just can't get over Joy's incredible transformation.

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Red Velvet's Irene Read a Feminist Book and Male K-Pop Fans Are Triggered

Most Probable Reason Why Red Velvet Irene Wouldn't Want To Be Your Friend

Red Velvet's Irene Wants To Continue Acting

During a fan signing event, the fan told Irene that they noticed she usually wore glasses whenever she was at the airport.


Fans can't tell if this is a photo of BLACKPINK Jisoo or Red Velvet Irene — Koreaboo


i honestly think yeri is red velvet's best visual. irene is beautiful and all, dont get me wrong, but i just feel like she isnt the actual prettiest in the ...

Irene doesn't need to reveal too much skin to exude sexiness.

Crystal Tai

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Netizens can't believe how pretty Red Velvet's Irene is even when she's dripping with sweat

7 Heartbreaking Things You Don't Know About Red Velvet Irene, That'll Make You Cry

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(Requested) How would BTS Jin, Jungkook and Red Velvet Seulgi, Irene sing K.A.R.D - Don't Recall

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Red Velvet's Irene Lives Up To Her Nickname With Pre-Debut Photos

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Fans can't tell if this is a photo of BLACKPINK Jisoo or Red Velvet Irene

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[PRESS] 180421 RED VELVET at Incheon Airport #IRENE (2) http://www.getnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=64262&adtbrdg=e#_adtReady … ...

I put up a wall toward people thinking, 'what if they only like me because I'm a trainee'. I want to go back and tell myself that I didn't have to do that."

A member of popular K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, Irene—whose real name is Bae Joo-hyun—was blasted recently with misogynist online comments after she said ...

QUIZ: Most Probable Reason Why Red Velvet Irene Wouldn't Want To Be Your Friend • Kpopmap

Red Velvet`s Irene Saw Fans Shivering from Cold at Fan Event.

Red Velvet Irene Airport Fashion - Official Korean Fashion

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Article: Red Velvet Yeri 'turtle smile'

Hong Jin Young, Red Velvet's Irene, & IU top female CF star brand value

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During SBS's “Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time”, Red Velvet's Irene revealed that she doesn't like it when her eyes get puffy.

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Last July 31, Red Velvet member Irene appeared in MBC reality show 'Brother Thoughts'.

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Irene Arriving at Incheon Airport 170611 2.JPG

[PHOTO] 180831 !t Live Youtube Community Update - Red Velvet's Irene

Web Drama Starring Red Velvet's Irene Surpasses 2 Million Views & Counting!


There weren't many accessories that went along with it but a simple necklace and her black hair that was tied neatly in a ponytail just made the overall ...

Netizens can't believe how pretty Red Velvet's Irene is even when she's dripping with

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[TRANS] 140926 - Red Velvet The Star Profiles

Watch: Red Velvet's Irene And Wendy Have You Hooked In New SML Digital Shorts

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SNSD Seohyun can't Believe How Cute Red Velvet's Irene looks With Her Brand New Hairstyle

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Irene Is Essentially Red Velvet's Mom

Check out more photos of Irene in a lowcut outfit attached! Love Irene?

Visual Velvet photoshoot round-up + Dazed interview - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥


Once again, I don't think I have everything, but this is enough in my opinion.


Red Velvet Irene's Selfie Compilation

Kpop Red Velvet's Irene Ice Cream Cake sweatshirt

Irene is wearing the BabyWhy Bustier from bpb

Red Velvet wallpaper possibly containing an outerwear and a portrait titled Irene @ kiss The Radio

Being Famous as Visual Goddess, Red Velvet`s Irene Said That She doesn`

I don't really know how to describe Joy, other than out of all the members, she probably looks most similar to Irene, but with a more sexy vibe?

Sadly Irene revealed that the two don't have each other's numbers, she said “I don't have his phone number.”

Fans Can't Get Enough Of Red Velvet Irene's Sexiness!

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Open Irene Profile Page

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Red Velvet's Irene has managed to draw the ire of a number of her male fans by revealing that she dared to read a feminist novel. These fans, threatened by ...

Irene always makes sure that all members have to notice their eating.

EXID's Hani And Red Velvet's Irene Share Stories About Their Awkward Interactions At The Gym

English Name: Wendy Son Korean Name: Son Seung Wan Stage Name: Wendy Birthday: February 21, 1994. Position: Main Vocalist Height: 160 cm. Weight: 40 kg

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Red Velvet Irene Always Burst Into Laughter Because Wendy Part2


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