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Red Velvet Irene how is she so beautiful and cute beauty

Red Velvet Irene how is she so beautiful and cute beauty


Red Velvet Irene ... how is she so beautiful and cute? Red Velvet

Red velvet Irene looks so pretty at Hongdae Flagship Store

... irene red velvet

Red Velvet Irene's Non-Celebrity Friends Are Just As Gorgeous As She Is

[ IMG]

Personally i liked her the best in Russian Roulette era

Afterward, she has got a fantastic tranformation with slender body and gentle face, she also becomes a beauty goddess of Kbiz even she sometimes encounters ...

Red Velvet's Irene showcases her beauty at a recent event!

irene1 irene2 irene3 irene5 irene7 ...

Red Velvet Irene's Selfie Compilation

Irene, Irene beauty transformation, Irene past, Irene past photos, Irene Red velvet


Irene, Irene beauty transformation, Irene past, Irene past photos, Irene Red velvet


ah she's so pretty

She never disappoints at an award ceremony. irene red velvet Irene looks beautiful from every angle as ...

Irene is gorgeous with or without make up on. This is her looking natural and beautiful at the airport.


... irene red velvet

Irene is gorgeous with or without make up on. This is her looking natural and beautiful at the airport.


Crystal Tai

she's so goddamn pretty. Kim Yerim, Hair Stylists, Yoona, Park Sooyoung, Girl Group, Red Velvet

She lacks in visual in comparison to the other Red Velvet members, but hey she's better looking than my potato ass and she can step on me so

Group Red velvet member Irene attended a Photo event of a Flagship store at Hongdae. She was wearing Red and Navy colored cardigans. She looked so cute.

Irene of Red Velvet Beautiful Photos


Irene has stunning model-like visuals for a K-Pop idol.

Check out one of the closest shots of Irene without make up on. She's perfect from all angles. Before Irene debuted as Red Velvet ...

Red Velvet's Irene Plays a Trick on Fans with her Short Hair


She is at this stage, one of SM's prized assets and Kpop's aesthetic Queens.

I love irene's curly hair rather that irene's straight hair , but she's still pretty as always love you our leaderrr

Irene of Red Velvet Beautiful Photos

Netizens can't believe how pretty Red Velvet's Irene is even when she's dripping with sweat

if red velvet irene have a short hair she still pretty💕 | Red Velvet Amino

She look so pretty my godd

[Oppa Thinking - Red Velvet] Irene Gained Fame As A Beauty When She Was Young 20170731

joy red velvet ww cover

The first idol makeup look she made was based on Red Velvet Irene's look from when she was featured in InStyle Magazine.

Why is she so pretty!

Oh gosh she's so pretty 😍 Red Velvet girls are wearing a ribbon for Jonghyun. 📷 SBS Gayo Daejun 171225aqxw [Red Carpet] #Joy #ParkSooyoung # RedVelvet ...

Some male fans slammed Red Velvet member Irene after she revealed that she read a feminist novel while many female fans defended her.

A member of popular K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, Irene—whose real name is Bae Joo-hyun—was blasted recently with misogynist online comments after she said ...

Irene (Red Velvet)

Netizen Accused Red Velvet Irene Of Photoshopping Her Pre-Debut Photos


Joy of Red Velvet Beautiful Photos

HQ Irene, Red Velvet, red velvet pics and Red Velvet_IRENE

download.jsp?FileID=32278512. I know that she's usually really pretty

CbshE03UkAAjslu.jpg 151106_otw_kbs_mubank_irene_0.jpg

She look so pretty here, her face, her eyes, her nose, her

Red Velvet Irene Member Profile and Facts

Her expression when the director smokes in front of her:

irene archive 💐 on Twitter: "160923 - i have no words she looked so pretty this day… "

Red Velvet Irene

... but she still was pretty even pre-debut don't make it seem like I didn't use recent pics of joy if you notice Wendy is in the back ground with her new ...

4 Wendy

Isn't she so beautiful??! Her bun is really cleanㅠㅠ so cute. And clipping those glasses on her shirt is also cute too.

[ IMG]


Her name in korean 배주현. She attended Haknam High School in Daegu. She joined S.M. Entertainment in 2009 and trained for five years. In 2013, Irene was ...

Red Velvet Joy Funny Photos Newest

Article: Red Velvet's Seulgi 'even her swollen face is cute'

For Joy I'd say all you need to bear in mind are her full lips and long nose (Also this might sound wrong but I think it's cute- her nostrils are bigger ...

Red Velvet Irene's Beauty Transformation Through The Years

mama_2015_hongkong_rv_wendy_2.jpg. She's seriously so pretty ...

K-Pop Fanboys Are Destroying RED VELVET Irene's Merch Because She Read A Feminist Book



After seeing this post, other users and netizens couldn't help but agree how beautiful Joy is. Some of the comments read, "Her smile is cute but her eyes ...


“Everyone is crazy, why are they so pretty? They're all pretty” ...

Pann: Irene and Joy's shocking legs

... irene15 ...

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Irene pics 🍉

Joy of Red Velvet Latest Photos Image and Picture


The starlet looked like she was feelin' pretty good as well, as Joy was seen putting her pearly whites on display in many of the candid shots!

Irene, Irene beauty transformation, Irene past, Irene past photos, Irene Red velvet

Irene's crazy beauty!! download.jsp?FileID=32278515

Red Velvet's Irene Received Unexpected FaceTime From BLACKPINK's Jennie During Birthday Party

Red Velvet was one of the first Kpop groups I was exposed. From the first time I saw happiness I feel in love with Irene and her beauty and her and her ...

I know that she's beautiful with thick makeups, but her natural looks at the airport was also beautiful. So this means that she's actually pretty.

Red Velvet Irene

The real name of Red Velvet leader - Irene is Bae Joo Hyun. And her stage name was chosen by her teacher as "Goddess of peace." Indeed Red Velvet's leader ...

Irene, Irene Profile, Red Velvet Profile, Red Velvet, Red Velvet Irene,

i honestly think yeri is red velvet's best visual. irene is beautiful and all, dont get me wrong, but i just feel like she isnt the actual prettiest in the ...

[Fancam] Red Velvet Joy - Russian Roulette KPOP FANCAMㅣM COUNTDOWN 20160908 EP.492 - YouTube

Check out the two images of Joy, just casually sitting but looked extremely stunning, which went viral, having over 18,000 retweets right below!

Fans find interactions between Black Pink's Lisa and Red Velvet's Irene super cute

After a long time being trained at SM enteratinment, her beauty has been upgraded gradually, her facial lines and figure are getting smaller and more ...

There weren't many accessories that went along with it but a simple necklace and her black hair that was tied neatly in a ponytail just made the overall ...

Red Velvet Wendy Cute and Beautiful Photo

Red Velvet shared more beautiful individual teaser images of each member!

Here's Irene. Irene is from Red Velvet. Her hair has been colour-coded PINK/ RED by SM Entertainment for easy identification purposes, because they knew that ...