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Pin by edda on Equines t Horse and Animal

Pin by edda on Equines t Horse and Animal


Pin by edda on Equines | Pinterest | Horse, Horse riding and Equine photography

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what kind of horse will I have next? Oh the choices!

Pin by edda on Horse Quotes | Pinterest | Horse, Funny horses and Funny horse memes

My childhood dream – a place to live close to nature, chickens, cats, a dog, a horse (I was never bold enough to think of ...

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Inglis - 2018 Great Southern Sale - Lot 126, Warrior's Reward (USA) x Carnelian Crystal

82, B ...

Got to love the sheep in Iceland… plus they do pose well for the camera

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Laugarvatn & South Iceland

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102, B/Br, Filly ...

coloured horse

What about those lovely horses?

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Our first Icelandic horse Fleygur was something of a challenge both because of his anxiety issues and because of our inexperience but we preserved, ...

Repetition and consistency, especially consistency will be important in my being able to handle four horses at liberty in the field.

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Svaldifari pulls against his owner

Giuliano Gustavo, Champion of the 2017 Austrian Warmblood Stallion Licensing



All photos taken by Laura & Inga via Tiny Iceland. Most photos from the Votmuli Farm are courtesy of Freyja, the owner. Pin5

Przewalski Horses: do truly wild horses exist?

Horses in Winter Time

Photo by Gerald Lang and Jennifer Anne Tucker

Vogelherd horse, the earliest horse sculpture ever found

With my guide, we went on a ride for about an hour and a half through the beautiful valley in Þingeyri, from the stables, across a few rivers, and nearly to ...

by Dyr Faser

But really, the creatures are a combination of Martin's vivid imagination mixed with elements borrowed from traditional folklore/mythology and its ...

Genetic super horses to be born in 2019

Photo Report: Terhi Stegars Bags First World Cup Victory at 2016 CDI-W Brno

riderless horse

Don't think Brody was a huge fan of the horses #yorkie #yorkshireterrier

All photos taken by Laura & Inga via Tiny Iceland. Most photos from the Votmuli Farm are courtesy of Freyja, the owner. Pin5

Horses has always been important for Germanic peoples.

The Vikings - Odin Riding Sleipnir

Oren wasn't sure what woke him, but he sat up and looked around. The moon was still high in the sky, and the pastels of sunrise had yet to grace the east.

Ann-Kristin Dornbracht has sold her number one Grand Prix horse Don Malecon to Switzerland. The 13-year old Hanoverian will become a Grand Prix schoolmaster ...

Odin rides Sleipnir

Odin has a magical 8-legged horse.

All photos taken by Laura & Inga via Tiny Iceland. Most photos from the Votmuli Farm are courtesy of Freyja, the owner. Pin5

This was supposed to be a short reply but I wanted to share more of my thoughts on the topic. Sparked from a little discussion with @trollkatt who brought ...


Have · Beautiful Icelandic Foal 😍🐴 #Repost @idunn_svansd ・・・ Another picture of this

Lot 315 2017 MM Perth Yearling Sale

... The Icelandic #horses grow extra fur during the winter season. They sure are photogenic ...


co ol Wh n a th ois t do in e b es k o an su f I d D pe ce ee r la r nd ho ? of


viking horses Pin ...

Dimitrow (by Dimaggio x Brentano II)

Federico Fellini (by For Romance x De Niro x Andiamo)

They're a bit more compact than your standard horses, but they're not miniature. (sorry, Li'l Sebastian) They're big enough to ride; ...

Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

Christmas elf by carinamaiwald A Horse Whisper by Hestefotograf ...



It was pretty clear from the start the girls (students) knew their way around horses, but also that the teacher was a bit in high water.

Lot 182 2016 MM Perth Yearling Sale

Christmas elf by carinamaiwald A Horse ...

Jokulsarlon MDR · Icelandic horses ...

Camp LVH - for Horses!

Viking traders spread comfy-to-ride horses around the world, DNA suggests

Lot 177 2016 MM Perth Yearling Sale

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[Overview] Iceland Stopover Road trip - Tiny Iceland


A chinese soldier bearing weapons on horseback

Dwarfism occurs in animals as well as humans; horses can have achondroplastic symptoms, as shown here next to a person with dwarfism

In Old Norse literature and art we meet valkyries and shield-maidens (The death of Hervor, Painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1880)