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Pin by Viv on Donald39s Bestie Vlad t Satire and Politics

Pin by Viv on Donald39s Bestie Vlad t Satire and Politics


If he only had a Brain

Political cartoon U.S. Trump Paul Ryan dog constitution inexperience

Listed as a reason for firing Comey in Rosenstein's letter was his disclosing of the investigation

Political cartoon U.S. Trump Kim Jong Un nuclear weapons

The future of the Trump presidency

Trump vs. Clinton: Here are the best targets of the week (Cartoon Edition) - The Washington Post

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30 Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski | FreeYork

15 political cartoons hammering Donald Trump over recent gaffes .

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The New York Daily News did not hold back with its latest Donald Trump cover. Political satirePolitical ...

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I Waste So Much Time

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If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck... then you don't want it for president.

The New Yorker - Monday, July 4, 2016 - Issue # 4645 - Vol

Tố cáo 10 sự thật đáng xấu hổ của xã hội hiện đại ngày nay


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Trump wants the US citizens to be divided and destroy each other so he can conquer us.

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The fourth-annual Brooklyn Comes Alive will return to Brooklyn's beloved Williamsburg neighborhood on September 29th for an all-day music marathon at ...

Donald The Hutt. Best part of the movie is when the Hutt is strangled to death, by a woman!

Find this Pin and more on Palavrão by Daniela Sequeira Tabuquini.

The Devil Enters Politics Pt. 2

If you've ever tried to clean out your closet or garage, you know getting rid of stuff isn't easy, even if you never use it.

"Gay marriage won't lead to dog marriage. It is not a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling. When women got the right to vote, it didn't lead to ...

The term mansplaining is relatively new, but the concept is an old one. If you're not familiar, the term refers to when someone (most often a man, ...

Gov't Mule Announces 2018 Summer Tour Dates With The Magpie Salute

Working-class solidarity is international. No war but class war.

Modern life

#Trump #Russia Collusion with a hostile foreign government is treason Donald Trump

Instagram Probably Can't Predict Depression. GPS, Though…

Dogs may be man's best friend, but sometimes best friends won't shut up and are annoying as shit. It's especially aggravating when your neighbor's dog likes ...

Progressives had reasons to celebrate the morning of Nov. 8 more than at any point in the past year. Not only did the Democrats capture the big prizes of ...

May 23, 2016 Issue

This is what happens when you fail to teach your child basic respect. They turn

The whole world is OUR home, not a corporation belonging. OCCUPY it TODAY -

9 | See Steve Jobs Jesus, Queen Gene Simmons And More Political-Cultural Mashups

Kung Fu To Play A Set Of Steely Dan Covers During 'The Fez Tour'

In determining that this would indeed be their 1000th show, drummer Mateo Vosganian looked over the band's spreadsheet a few months ago and his reaction was ...

“When that was defeated, I can't express my excitement,” Charney said. “When showing that front page of the paper to my son, I said, 'Remember when you did ...

The Gang That Couldn't Think Straight Horrible People, Political Images, Greed,

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Find this Pin and more on Ade by Pamela Rosen.

Compared to his work with Snarky Puppy, which leans more towards textural funk and ambient compositions, Bob Lanzetti's solo album is differentiated by his ...

Vladimir Lenin's quote #2

Psychedelic Jam band The Breakfast marks 20 years this fall, and the Northeast has lucky to play host to the regular performances over the past few years, ...

argyle sweater win money for life - Google Search

[Photo: Phierce Photo by Keith G.]

Bill Murray, John Prine & The SteelDrivers Perform 'Paradise' At The Opry | Utter Buzz!


Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul are heading out on the Soulfire Teacher Appreciation Tour. There is one show scheduled in New York at Rochester's ...

mem18ln admat

Rhino Announces Rocktober 2018 Limited Edition Vinyl Releases | Utter Buzz!

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You may call me a nimby. There. I hope you enjoyed doing so and feel better now. But how would you feel if you woke up one day to find a 20ft-tall ...

How to Fly Spirit Airlines Without Losing Your Mind

The Raspberry Pi is the cheapest and smallest way to emulate the old video games you still love to play. You have a few different ways of going about making ...

Last week, I ran an ad on Facebook that was targeted at a computer science professor named Alan Mislove. Mislove studies how privacy works on social ...

The Nintendo Switch has been out for over a year and it's a monster hit but this entire time it hasn't offered a proper online service.

Peak-season tomatoes need nothing more than salt, pepper, and maybe a drizzle of olive oil to really shine. Why then, do fresh tomato sauce recipes have you ...

Owners of cars towed at Northampton gun control rally accusing business owner of political motivation

Tedeschi Trucks Band side project Whose Hat Is This? is set to make its first tour down the east coast. The six night tour brings them from New York City ...

In a hot tub in 2012, physicist Seth Lloyd pitched a quantum internet application to Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page. He called it Quoogle: a search ...

Get $10 Off Your Grubhub Order Next Week When You Pay With Venmo

“Sea chanteys are work songs, so they're designed to coordinate effort between a group of people doing physical labor,” says video producer Jamison Hermann, ...

Best Latte and Cappuccino Machines (2018): Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Nespresso, Breville | Utter Buzz!

A commonly used painkiller might be too risky for people to keep taking, suggests a new study published this week in the BMJ. It found that people who use ...


Feds Bust Dozens of Nigerian Email Scammers, but Your Inbox Still Isn't Safe | Utter Buzz!

Saturday's Best Deals: Color Laser Printer, Portable Projectors, 4K Fire TV, and More

Whether you're a pro or an amateur, pack a plastic bag in your bag with your camera the next time you go out to take pictures. This video features five ...

Found co-creator shares his checklist for startup marketing - CMO Australia

kristin palpiniDemocrat Donkey hat Uncle Sam meditating votes in elections. Cheerful polytypical illustration. Symbol

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' Tries to Be Epic, But It's Really Just Mean | Utter Buzz!

If you feel awkward using gender-neutral pronouns—or avoid them because you don't know how to use them correctly—it's time to get up to speed.

Infertility is rough enough without headlines implying your yoga practice is to blame. A recent study found that certain flame-retardant chemicals may make ...

Fruition Shares Video For First Single, “Baby Let's Go”, Off New 'Fire' EP [Watch] | Utter Buzz!

Deadspin Why Your Team Sucks 2018: Seattle Seahawks | Splinter Oh HELL No | Jezebel How a Woman Disa | Utter Buzz!

Teardown of Magic Leap One reveals highly advanced placeholder tech | Utter Buzz!

Best Smart Speakers (2018): Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana | Utter Buzz!

The Hajj Is a Perfect Laboratory for Disease Warning Systems | Utter Buzz!


The hell, Apple? For the first time since the iPhone maker prematurely killed the classic headphone jack, Apple revealed on its website that it's going to ...

Crestron Touchscreens Could Spy on Hotel Rooms and Meetings | Utter Buzz!

“I don't try to be balanced. I try and tell the truth as I see it.”