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People Drawings Aesthetic Art Attitude Anime Art Girls Red Hood

People Drawings Aesthetic Art Attitude Anime Art Girls Red Hood


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No lugar do garoto uma menina ruiva com cabelo curto

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This is absolutely adorable and I love this type of style in drawing Boy Art ,

by Jessica Madorran …

Adorable kawaii anime illustration of girl in red and a big puddle <- remind a me of that Gorjuss stationary :)

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Fullbody commission to Cassandra Lee Morris, who is the english voice actress of Taiga! ✦ ✦ ✦ Previous works OVERWATCH keychains online available!

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She was once Red Riding Hood but really, inside she was the wolf all along <--- Sounds like OUAT tbh.

2) Hilda Steward, fashion design, London, 1920. Museum no. E

GIRLS (Black and White) - Sad Japanese Anime Aesthetic by PoserBoy

... particularly in Batman: The Animated Series were a big influence for me. Plus, I love the art deco inspired aesthetic – it's incredibly fitting ...

Marjorie Field Fashion Design

... friends ◊, and two inter-compatible sets for the ...

George Kamitani and Vanillaware really influenced me, especially with their most recent offerings, Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Non-Standard Character Design


For similar reasons, I'm a huge fan of Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of Guilty Gear, and Daisuke Amaya (Pixel), the lone creator of Cave Story.

The Irresistible Psychology of Fairy Tales

The cinematic storytelling and compositions of Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, really caught my eye back in college. He's been a pretty big influence ...

The Lad-ette

Mike Judge and Humanity

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

Video Game / Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Pop art

Charles Demuth, I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold 1928, collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Figure 2

Illustration of the fairy tale character, Tom Thumb, on a hillside, next to

Sigrid Hunt, pencil sketch, Britain, 1954. Museum no. E.687-1986

1) Yokai: Night Parade of 100 Demons, illustrator unknown, Edo period.

The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979

X-Men legacy.jpg

5) Victor Stiebel (1907-73), fashion design, England, about

... in The '90s codified ...

I've always been a big fan of classic Capcom games and sprites – they really know how to create style and give it that extra punch, which is pretty hard to ...

3) Hilda Steward, fashion design, London, 1923. Museum no. E

The 100 Best Anime Movies of All Time

DC ROUND-UP: here's why BATGIRL #25 will leave Babs fans in tears

Boogzel Apparel

What has been your favourite show or event so far?

The art books for that game ...

kirinoyurei · Follow. Unfollow · animeartanime artgirlcutesmileflowerribbonscurly ...

Jeanne Paquin - fashion design

Damien Hirst, Study After Delacroix (the Orphan Girl in the Cemetery), 1981

DRAW ...

Woodblock print-making was the main production method for ukiyo-e art, which pre-empted the “superflat” 2D characters printed on accessories and clothing ...

Food Coma, 2017

Art Students Roundtable

Can you doodle us a self-portrait?

Jack Kirby's pencils for the splash page to The Demon #1 DC Comics (September 1972). The detailed pencil work Kirby created can be seen in this art

A woman's crying face is overwhelmed by waves as she thinks, "I don'


Coral sketch

Figure 1

What are three of the biggest misconceptions people have around your art?

It continues the process.

... after a landing strip ...


#Emo #EmoBoy #EmoGirl #Aesthetic #Aesthetics #HateChan

... "Firion" ◊ does.

victoria miro surface works visit 2018 jenny meehan british contemporary lyrical abstraction abstract expressionist romantic painter

Figure 9


One Piece: Using Shapes to World-Build

Popeye the Sailor Man!

'Manly Sweater' fashion design, by Patrick Caulfield for Ritva, London, 1972. '

The drawings on this Jones model sheet are technically amazing. Solid construction, good balance of empty space VS filled spaces.

Mickey Mouse

What little most people know of the legendary Amazon women has come to us from a short entry by Herodotus and other ancient Greeks.


A collage of many different styles shows a mostly naked man and woman in a house

The character is the title protagonist 16-year-old butler of the Sanzenin family. Hayate Ayasaki has had to work to support his parents' bad habits since ...


The film poster shows a blonde, pale-orange female cat wearing boots and a

... all the background designs are distinct, and therefore strong and memorable. “One Piece's” unique art style makes everything look even more distinctive.

... but the artist who comes immediately to mind for me is Kaoru Mori–and specifically her series Emma from 2002. Do I even need to draw the parallel lines ...

appearance of a commissioned sitting, such as that of the formidable Marchioness in white silk ...

Art Wesley College, Melbourne

Sol Schwartz: Drawing in the Dark

OT71: I Don't Open Things