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Patrick Stewart Professor X tattoo by Sausage on an episode of Ink

Patrick Stewart Professor X tattoo by Sausage on an episode of Ink


Patrick Stewart, Professor X tattoo by Sausage on an episode of Ink Master on Spike.com. (X-Men)

Tattoo by Walter "Sausage" Frank @ Revolt Tattoos #jointherevolt

Winning Wolverine tattoo on Ink Master.

Tattoo by Walter "Sausage" Frank at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV.

X-Men Tattoo by Matti Hixson

X-Men Tattoo by Lydia Bruno

Check out this high res photo of Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores's tattoo from the Portrait episode of Season 2 of Ink Master on Spike.com.

Ink Master S4-5 / Sausage | Celebrity Features | Pinterest | Ink master, Tattoo and Comic tattoo

Wolf tattoo by contestant Walter "Sausage" Frank.

In a redo challenge, Walter "Sausage" Frank brilliantly covered up fellow contestant Melissa's

One of the many cool tattoos created on season 4 of Ink Master.

Orangutan Tattoo

X-Men Tattoo by Bubba Irwin

Sausage neo traditional WINNER 🎆 best tattoo of the day ink master

Walter "Sausage " - Club Tattoo Las Vegas - Ink Master Season Four

Tattoo by Walter "Sausage" Frank @ Revolt Tattoos

The Best X-Men, DC and Star Wars Tattoos on 'Ink Master'

Revolt Tattoos - Revolt Tattoos Walter Sausage Frank Portfolio | REVOLT TATTOOS

Ink master live Done by: Sausage Challenge: facing Matti Hixson to see who will get a Revenge tattoo


Masters of Ink! Revolt Tattoos #jointherevolt Ink Master Tattoos, Tattoo Master, Tattoos

Check out this high res photo of Sausage's tattoo from the Geometric episode of Ink Master on Spike.com. | Ink Master | Pinterest | Ink master, ...

Geometric Tattoos - Inked Magazine

Got ink with a better backstory than "I was wasted off my face and Chinese symbols are sooo cool"? Then NBC is ready to hear your tattoo tale.

Ink Master S4-4 / Sausage, #talesofthetatt See more of this tattoo and

Fresh allegations: Anthony Garcia, who was arrested for murder after a detective spotted the

Chest tattoo leads to murder conviction for killer Anthony Garcia | Daily Mail Online

Jordan Weinsten shows off her new tattoo of Tommy Wiseau's autograph after meeting him at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa on March 23, ...

Credit: Instagram

This is a big one — is that a Serpent tattoo that we spy on Archie Andrews' shoulder? After going head-to-head against bestie Jughead as part of the Red ...

My Wisconsin tattoo – Jonathan Mageske | Entertainment and Lifestyles | wiscnews.com

Is Sophie Turner's Tattoo a 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Spoiler?


Best buffet: Homemade sausage rolls

My Wisconsin Tattoo – Joe Stein

Incredible detail: The tattoo even shows the Christmas lights that were hanging from the roof

Put down your knife and fork: Why eating a big breakfast DOESN'T help you to diet | Daily Mail Online


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... for lasting change? Forget the old saying that when a woman climbs the corporate ladder, she needs to send it back down to help another woman climb too.

Anne Robinson and with daughter daughter Emma Wilson at the David Frost Summer Party in 2009



Not so big breakfast: Those who want to lose weight should start watching what they

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Philip Stoddard



Podcast: Adjust Your ...

Curated by Julian Haladyn. Please join us at the McIntosh Gallery for the opening reception Thursday, January 15 at 7:00 P.M. A Talk and tour of the ...

Blazing Away Again in Margaritaville?

Must-Spin Albums: May 2018

Podcast: Adjust Your ...

Star Trek executive prouder Rick Berman with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


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Warning: features the wurst sausage joke ever. Peer reviewed by the University of Sussex.


Some foods do contain vitamin D, but with many you'd need to eat

Otto von Bismark's reputed maxim: “Laws are like sausages — it is best not to see them being made …” could be applied to the crafting of a news story.

Emma calls her mother Anne Robinson either mummy or Annie

In the early 2000s - just before Breaking Bad - Cranston picked up the role as

Episode 49: My First Tattoo Tattoos, Type 1 diabetes, ID cards, taking MBA students to the art gallery, Kerry James Marshall, Mark Rothko, Mike Mills, ...

THE SAUSAGE SHOW: 22/2-10/3/13 http://www.55sydenhamrd.com. When: 6-8pm @ 55 SYDENHAM RD MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204 AUARTBAR curated by Emma Price

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3 Exercises That Helped NBA Point Guard Brandon Jennings Recover His Speed and Agility

Analog(ue) 143: ...


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Bernadette Rostenkowski Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Bernadette Rostenkowski At Popflock.com



... food ...


... in London. Kirsten makes regular appearances on TV, including Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield , and has presented numerous chocolate ...

Franks, sausage and specialty meats producer expected to invest $35 million in expansion



A little Adobe-flavored bloodletting


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Is there a particular toy in the Trek episode ...


Sigrid Calon, screening 2015


A ...


Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) Chairman and Founder Tony Tan Caktiong, JFC Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong, and JFC Country Business Group ...