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Padma Earrings Blue Matr Boomie Jewelry Products t

Padma Earrings Blue Matr Boomie Jewelry Products t


Handmade Padma Red Medallion Earrings (India)

Art Deco Scallop Earrings - Blue - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Art Deco Scallop Earrings - Patina - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) - JarBello Gifts

Sun Medallion Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Buddha Knot Earrings - Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) - JarBello Gifts

matr boomie anika teardrop earrings.jpg

Matsya Disc Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Handcrafted multi-metal earrings in copper and teal vintage floral design. Size: dia Material: Brass **Learn more about Matr Boomie and the artisans who ...

Earth & Fire Lunar Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Tara Stone Medallion Earrings - Yellow - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Rishima Druzy Drop Earrings - Light Blue

matr boomie Ashram window earrings.jpg

Tree of Life Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Global Crafts Handmade Banyan Blossom Earrings (India), Women's, Brown, Size 1

Selene Hoop Earrings - Silver - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Devika Ajna Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

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Art Deco Scallop Cuff - Blue - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) - JarBello Gifts

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Bollywood Earrings - Ashoka - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Hammered Tassel Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Maratha Silver Queen Earrings (India)

Drop earrings featuring natural druzy quartz pendant in white. Measures inches in length.Meet the Artisans MATR BOOMIE is a fair trade collection from India ...

Rishima Druzy Drop Necklace - Dark Blue - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Matr Boomie Anika Earrings - Wings

Tara Stone Medallion Earrings - Green - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Petit Arrow earrings gold

Tzolkin Earrings - Navy - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Abalone Earrings Pink Lotus

Matr Boomie Handmade Tranquil Bodhi Earrings (India) (Tranquil Bodhi Earrings), turquoise

Abbakka Arrowhead Earrings - Rose - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Ankh Recycled Wire Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Anika Earrings - Filagree Teardrop - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Earth & Fire Chevron Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

One splash of boho with an otherwise chic, tailored outfit.

Selene Cuff Bracelet - Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Rishima Druzy Drop Necklace - Light Blue - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Linked Textured Silvertone Circle Dangle Pierced Earrings by Matr Boomie

Cloudburst Earrings - Noonday Collection

Bollywood Earrings - Tulsi - Matr Boomie

Plaza Earrings - Fair Trade Winds

Women's Fashion Earrings | Jewelry Accessories | Emma Stine Limited

Beaded Floral Madala Ornaments Fair Trade and Wholesale | Matr Boomie

Handmade Pet Rainbow Suncatcher Crystal Life Tree Prisms Hanging Pendant Pet Remembrance, Hanging Pendants,

Sun Medallion Earrings - Golden - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Orissa Aru Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Handmade Swirl Earrings (India)

Open Alpaca Silver Teardrop Diagonal Mosaic Stone Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade

Sanctuary Necklace - Goldtone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Handmade Metal Impression Earrings (India) - Silver

Block Print Stamp Ornaments Fair Trade and Wholesale

Shanthi Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Anika Earrings Tapered Design - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) - JarBello Gifts

Durga Shield Trio Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Braided Silvertone Cuff - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) This flexible and narrow cuff is adorned

Etched Crescent earrings blue - Mata Traders

Threaded Charm Earrings Orange These earings are the perfect accessory for your summer festival dresses. Thread and goldtone-plated brass3" ...

Tara Stone Dangle Earring

Sona Earrings - India

Art Deco Scallop Earrings - Bright Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Crescent Moon Earrings--Noonday Collection

Rishima Druzy Drop Necklace - White - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Matr Boomie Handmade Art Deco Scallop Cuff- Gatsby Gold (India) (Art Deco

... Earth & Fire Lunar Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Ashram Window Earrings - Slim - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Tzolk'in Earrings

Handmade Tzolk'in Pink Floral Medallion Earrings (India)

Have some fun this summer with tassel earrings that provide a pop of colour. These

Oval Mosaic Stone Earring with Cut Out Handmade and Fair Trade

Orbit Cuff - Brass - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

South moon drop earrings gold, Opal and light blue tassle earrings

Shanthi Cuff - Turquoise and Wood - Bracelet - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

This Silver Buddha Knot Bracelet by MATR BOOMIE is perfect! #zulilyfinds

Tri-Flower Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)


Tara Stone Teardrop Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Zia Earrings - Silver #fairtrade #ethicalfashion

Vana Devata Jewelry Stand - Blackened Silver

Matr Boomie Handmade Upcycled Wire Elements Red/ Gold Earrings (India) (Upcycled Wire

Sanctuary Necklace - Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Tzolk'in Earrings - Navy

Open Scroll Work Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade

Earth & Fire Lunar Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry) ...

GlobeIn Artisan Box is a subscription that supports fair trade and local goods!

Matr Boomie | 2018 Wholesale Catalog

matr boomie gold weave cuff.jpg

Silver Deer Horn Earrings

Sari Mango Hanging Frame - Square - Matr Boomie (P)

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Handmade Matsya Floral Medallion Earrings (India)

Agnayi Woven Bead Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Global Crafts Handmade Delicate Droplet Earrings - Cobalt (India) (Delicate Droplet Earrings -

Falling Leaves Earrings - Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Fair Trade Jewelry by Mata Traders. Perfect for the holidays. #ethicalfashion

Padma Earrings - Blue. Mad Style Marissa Blue Multi Chipped Stone Short Necklace

Bhumi Bands Bracelet - Browns - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)

Matr Boomie Handmade Tzolk'in Navy Floral Medallion Earrings (India) (Tzolk'

Onyx Ethnic Necklace Handmade and Fair Trade

Global Crafts Handmade Art Deco Scallop Earrings - Blue (India), Women's, Tri