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Ohori Megumi 大堀恵. 5thElection OhoriMegumi 2013

Ohori Megumi (Late 2007)

Ohori Megumi (2009)

Prof-ohori megumi.jpg


Ohori Megumi reveals her salary during her days in AKB48

Ohori Megumi

2018 AKB48 Chiba Erii

Introducing: AKB48 Members | 2nd Gen | The Original Team K

2018 AKB48 Nagano Megumi

2nd Generation (Original Team K)

Jurina matsui 2018

Ohori Megumi.

2018 AKB48 Yamane Suzuha


2018 AKB48 Kawamoto Saya

3rd Generation (Original Team B)


A Team K original member and AKB48 second generation member.

AKB48 Team K

Yuko Oshima Documentary - 2nd Gen (Original Team K) Gathering - Video Dailymotion

10 graduate members appear in the MV for Oshima Yuko's graduation song

her ...


Umeda Ayaka


AKB48 Team K

Graduated on March 31, 2012

[SETLIST] AKB48 Team K 2nd Generation 10th Anniversary Special Performance

Top Ten Most Underrated AKB48 members

Name: Tojima Hana Nickname: Hana Birthdate: July 11, 1988 Exgroup: AKB48


[ IMG]

When I first got Into AKB48,Meetan to me was well,Not that important to me.I first thought she was one of the more subdued members of the group,Not that ...

AKB48 Kenkyuusei

Team B (April 2018)

Explore these ideas and more!

AKB48 Team K4th Stage 090215 - Kaoru's Surprise Announcement

1st Generation (Original Team A)

... of Tomomi Kasai as a member of the idol group AKB48. Along with fellow Shinoda Team A members, also present in theater are the 2nd generation ...

kanaful: “Today the 2nd gen Team K members gathered for an end-of-the-year party 🎂💕 Kuramochi isn't the same gen but she's been same gen too since forever ...

Akimoto Sayaka + 2nd Generation members

AKB48 Team K

Watanabe Mayu to Star in Drama [Sabadoru]

Ohori megumi 😊😊 #ohori #megumi #mettan #ohorimegumi #megumiohori #akb

Name: Noro Kayo Nickname: Norokayo, Nontii, Kayoho Birthdate: October 28,

[NEWS UPDATE] Melalui akun Official Facebook AKB48 Mengumumkan bahwa Stephanie Priscilla Indarto Putri (

So I don't see what the big appeal is to not actually performing live. Performing live would give them an edge that Hello! Project still has.


Gen 2 di PV Kyou Made no Melody

Top 16 Predictions for the AKB 49th Single Sousenkyo Senbatsu

AKB48 are on the up and up, and considering how many sales they are already making, this is a grand thing.

Team K!



Team History

2nd gens Ohori Megumi, Sato Natsuki, Imai Yuu, who are all mothers… And Chikarina. lol I love Chikarina bond with the K members so much ;-;

Please be careful when you're going outー ー ー

Name: Oshima Yuko Nickname: Yuuko, Korisu Birthdate: October 17, 1988 Group

He was also waiting and biding his time for when there was a dip in the market. As sales of Hello! Project declined, AKB48 EXPLODED onto the scene.

Aimi Eguchi

Name: Matsubara Natsumi Nickname: Nattsumii Birthdate: June 19 , 1990 Group: AKB48


TIF is so hot and fun!aah~…

Minegishi Minami a.k.a Miichan – A member of AKB48

Lagu kesukaan siapa nih?? Bagusnya di JKT48 team mana nih ni lagu? team

The gravure-tastic Megumi Ohori

AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka holds her graduation ceremony in Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome 130822

Name: Komatani Hitomi Nickname: Pinku/Pinky, Hii, Hiichan, Hiipinky/

Sakura Miyawaki

Name: Sato Natsuki Nickname: Nacchi Birthdate: July 1, 1990 Group: AKB48 Exteam K Team A 2nd Generation Debut date: 2006 Status: Graduated in 2012 ...


original team k akb48 2nd generation. “Kembalinya” Oku Manami

Former AKB48 and SDN48 member Ohori Megumi in wedding dress for new album

Oshima Yuko

Image for 'Chocolove from AKB48'

Quote. Former AKB48 and SDN48 member Ohori Megumi ...

Top Ten AKB48 Concert Video Dvds

Megumi 11

Not Long after I Discovered AKB48,I found out about So Nyeo Shi Dae(A.K.A:Girls' Generation)

Name: Umeda Ayaka Nickname: Umechan Birthdate: January 3, 1989 Exgroup: AKB48

Name: Kasai Tomomi Nickname: Tomo~mi, Chiyuu Birthdate: November 16,

Ohori Megumi. Meetan.

AKB48 Team K

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I made same expression as miion(·з·)