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OH MY GOD WHAT DOES IT MEAN Donkey Kong gt Super

OH MY GOD WHAT DOES IT MEAN Donkey Kong gt Super


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Ok, clearly Retro thinks their shit is too good to show how awesome their should be so they just stick 2 monkeys on the box and say “just go for it”.

Have a nice day, guys!

Racist Mario

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze may be delayed to early 2014 — February in North America — but with that new release window it looks set to be the ...

Yes, it's another Wii U port on to Switch - but it's Retro Studios, it's Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, ergo it's brilliant! Join John for a quick tour of the ...

Trois new favorite game that we have for the wii

Your Favorite Game Characters Reimagined in Badass Art Series in 2018 | Favorite Old Video Games | Pinterest | Badass, Donkey kong and Cartoon

Friday, December 20, 2013

Eating Sushi with Link, Zelda, Samus Aran, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario, Toad, Peach and Kirby.

Name: Donkey Kong Age: Unknown Race: Gorilla Title: Leader of the Kong Family Bio: The grandson of the original gorilla that ran rampant in an industrial ...

Cambios de apariencia según el campo donde estén. Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Smash

With the competition hotting up in the most vital shopping season of the year, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, used an appearance on GT.

Donkey Kong Country Returns artwork: Key Art

Monster Games Is Developing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

The Winner Is Donkey Kong By Mrnate2015-dc572nj by gamma102

Image ...

Although I do miss her knee-pads.

Donkey Kong Country 3 – A Barrel Of Fun! - Next Level Gamerz

My turn!


Rosalina suporter

Room#2 PointBlank2 <3

Yellow Toad. Or maybe we should consider Yellow Toad, the unloved fourth player character from the recent New Super Mario ...

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review - Screenshot 4 of 4

Video Arcade Games - New Deluxe, Sitdown, Upright Video Arcade Games For Sale - Page T-Z

We put three new Super Mario Odyssey levels under the technical microscope. Visuals are adjusted in several ways to keep it ticking at 60fps, even while in ...


Donkey Kong even kept Sonic's shoes as a trophy for his victory.

Bio: Created by the then-distraught Dr. Tenma after the tragic loss of his son, Astro was abandoned ...

$19.99 God of War: Ascension - Playstation 3 #Ascension, #God, #

Dido Kart MDX-1 Mini Deluxe Racing Video Arcade Motion Simulator Game From Injoy Motion

The evolution of Nintendo's most popular characters.

I recently finished watching the entire series... all 64 episodes of it. As a fan of the awesome Dragonball Z, I wanted to check out the "sequel" that got ...

The Jesus Toaster

I would now like my crown and to be called this at all times :)

New to Donkey Kong Country are the addition of special Kong POW moves, which are performed with a partner Kong. Their function acts as a screen-clearing ...

Still, if you're able to overlook this baggage, Super Princess Peach remains a vibrant and inventive platformer, and one that's practically begging for a ...

... resurrected Country, making it far more playable and less fugly than ever before. And this time around, Donkey Kong wouldn't be upstaged by some baby.

Oracle plans to dump risky Java serialization

God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review - Screenshot 3 of 4

There is one direct sequel I'm looking forward to playing above all others.

Unlocking New Characters In Super Mario Party | Open World | DK Diddy Kong Dry Bones & Pom Pom

Nintendo announces the Super Smash Bros. Invitational players - NintendoToday

A Double Rainbow!

Super Mode

25 years on from Super Mario Kart's 1992 release, we take a look at Nintendo's series through the generations. From its humble mode 7 beginnings on Super ...

There are a lot of SNK fighters for Ranking of Fighters to scientifically process.

Only true gamers can answer this ...

Overly Long Gag

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Yoshi was less-anthropomorphized ◊ in Super Mario ...

That shadow on the box is where DK's hitbox is.

[ IMG]

Veterans of the 16-bit era will vividly recall the first time they played Super Mario Kart. Nintendo's seminal racer was a genuine revolution; ...

Little Dragons Café has a relaxing sense of charm, but the gameplay is too rough and simple for its lengthy duration.

In these pictures you can see everything I got: The game, the banana pouch, the player's guide, and Gamestop gave me a couple of really cool big boxes that ...


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Donkey Kong

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To be fair, not all those working in games are like that, and it was actually Nintendo itself that made me realise the error of my ways.

It’s Donkey Bane Vs. Bat-Jumpman in This Retro Remix

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Mario may be the most enduring game character of all time. but the history of >

... role in Super Mario Kart, where her schtick consists of announcing her name with the whining, skull-splitting intensity of a dental drill.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review - Screenshot 2 of 4. The main game itself is ...

I Know Mortal Kombat

No. Not nice at all. Quite amazingly horrible, in fact.

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What We Played #328 – GT Sport, Wulverblade & South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Super Mario RPG Yoko Shimomura (SNES, 1996)

Nintendo delivers its big fall direct, revealing new games like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing as well as providing updates to others like Super ...

Review: Super Mario Party is almost as frustrating as it is fun

[ IMG]

It's an easy finger-tapping game, simply tap right or left of the screen to control your stickman. Be careful not to miss any ball, or you'll fail this ...

Here he plays a carpenter with a pet ape. Apparently mario 'mistreats the ape' (its all on wikipedia folks, it wouldn't lie to us would ...

The Goomba

The Witcher Wild Hunt PS4 PlayStation 4 1


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

GT Pro Series offers a limitless supply of ammunition to Wii haters in the graphical department. Trackside buildings are especially laughable.

When winning means getting the titular 40-year-old virgin laid, classy barely comes into it.

Brought to You by the Letter "S"

Nintendo: Mario And Luigi Do Not Have A Last Name