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Louis I the Pious of the Franks More t

Louis I the Pious of the Franks More t


Louis the Pious. Ludwik I Pobożny.jpg

Louis I “the Pious” of the Franks

Louis I the Pious of the Franks More

Charlemagne crowns Louis the Pious

Picture of

Lothair I

Wgt Stifterbüchlein 11v.jpg. Empress Judith, 2nd wife of Emperor Louis the Pious ...

Louis the Pious doing penance at Attigny in 822

Louis V of France

The Carolingian empire and (inset) divisions after the Treaty of Verdun, 843.

Louis on a sesquisolidus, essentially Roman in design.

Louis I


Louis on a denarius from Sens, 818–823

It was the first founding father of France. King of Franks, who converted to Christianity and conquered much of what is now France.

Charles The Bald, French painting, 19th century, unknown painter

Charlemagne and Louis the Pious: Lives by Einhard, Notker, Ermoldus, Thegan, and the Astronomer 1st Edition

Charles the Fat (Charles III) Kinf of the Franks (885-888) Emperor of the Romans (881-887) - son of Louis the German, cousin of Louis II and Carloman II and ...

Abbildung(en) Louis II "le Bègue" (Louis the Stammerer) Roi de France

Charles the Great

Ermengarde of Hesbaye

here she is, the woman from whom I descended.... beautiful <3

drawing of Louis the Pious Tomb

Middle Ages Illuminations Charles II (the Bald) *823-877+ (son of Louis the Pious) King of the West Franks and Holy Roman Emperor 840-877 - illumination ...

Franks and Holy Romans

How does Louis the Pious look like? How did Louis the Pious look like young?

Charlemange's coronation in Rome


Louis the Pious doing penance royalty-free louis the pious doing penance stock vector art

West Francia

Amazon.com: Charlemagne and Louis the Pious: Lives by Einhard, Notker, Ermoldus, Thegan, and the Astronomer (9780271035734): Thomas F. X. Noble: Books

Advertisement: Charles the ...

Map of the expansion of the Frankish empire from the Frankish homeland

Charles IX

The Frankish Tribes Unite

The Franks – part 5: End of an Era


Louis I 'the Pious', 778 - 20.6 840, Holy Roman Emperor and

The Franks

Charlemagne, king of the Franks, c1920. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) (747-814). Print Collector / Contributor/ Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

Abbildung(en) Judith (Judith of Flanders) de France Gravin van Vlaanderen

AHC keep the Frankish empire united

In that corner of the ethereal realm where reside the Frankish kings, it was breakfast time…

of February in Charles the Fat is crowned King of Italy, Holy Roman Emperor

Charles the Bald

Coronation of Louis the Pious by Jean Fouquet

Frankish kings and queens of the Carolingian dynasty. Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon

aka Louis The Fair

Louis I the Pious, conducts a division of the kingdom among his children

Sections of the Carolingian Empire, 429,300 square miles / Wikimedia Commons

Charlemagne as depicted in 1512 by Albrecht Dürer with flowing blond hair, due to a misunderstanding of Einhard, who describes Charlemagne as having ...

Charles the Bald

Louis The Pious Stock Vector Art & More Images of Antique 158751618 | iStock

(15th-century depiction of the marriage between King Sigebert I and Brunhild from the Grandes Chroniques de France, [Public Domain] via Creative Commons)

Lothair I (van Italie) des Francs Western Emperor (± 795-855) » Stamboom Homs » Genealogie Online

The ...

Clovis 1er

“Pope Stephen IV (standing first on the right) crowns the emperor Louis the Pious”


So take a look at this map. You get to choose first.


Treaty of Verdun

Nabo Was Treated As Both A Pet And Servant To The Queen

He was good at composing music. Not very interested in state affairs but when your chief minister is Richelieu, you can relax and enjoy life.

Rev: + METTALVM, legend around cross. Metallum mint (modern Melle, France) 20 mm wide, Rare (most European coins from this era are btw)

... Louis tried to combine his sense for the Empire's unity, supported by the clergy, for whom Christianity alone could hold the empire together, ...

Clovis the Merovingian Clovis engaged in a campaign of consolidating the various Frankish kingdoms in Gaul and the Rhineland, which included defeating ...


Louis' Empire, divided among his descendants.

An actual street sign for "Louis the Pious Street" in Barcelona (photo by

Henry VI

After the Roman Empire had collapsed in Western Europe, the Franks managed to build a large kingdom of their own, starting with the conquests of Clovis at ...

Abbildung(en) Judith (Judith of Flanders) de France Gravin van Vlaanderen

And one interesting fact I found while looking up the some of the Louis after I found this question: there were multiple King Louis one through five.

Charlemagne is King of the Franks

Despite his nickname given by the smooth-tongued deputies, he was an unpleasant person who devastated France by fighting too many unsuccessful wars.

Decline of the Frankish Empire

The Queen's Daughter Repor... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the

http://www.mmdtkw.org/MedRom0610Lothar.jpg ...


Louis the Pious (778-840), wood engraving, publidshed in 1881 :

Medvedev, a football fan (on the lower right) is experiencing pain.