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Lotor voltron avatar the last airbender zuko Voltron Legendary

Lotor voltron avatar the last airbender zuko Voltron Legendary


You know, I'm just assuming that every Voltron fan, is also a fan of Avatar the Last Airbender ...

inkymint: ““Voltron: Legendary Defender (2018) Season 5 Episode 1: Here We Go Again ” I saw it coming and I still stifled a scream at 7 am.

Lotor voltron avatar the last airbender zuko

So we know Zuko's story. He pretty much started out in the series as the banished Prince. He was never to return unless he had captured the avatar.

PRINCE LOTOR'S BETRAYAL - Will He Be Redeemed? | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory

Lotor, Voltron

The people who drew Voltron: Legendary Defenders did draw Avatar: The Last Airbender so it makes sense they would have similar facial expressions

Lance as Space Sokka and Keith as Zuko in Avatar Airbender style from Voltron Legendary Defender

“Voltron: Legendary Defender” is such a good show. This season continues that quality but brings back some of the issues that I had on past seasons, ...

voltron season 6 trailer

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Lotor / Voltron Avatar The Last Airbender, Prince Lotor, Pikachu, Chang'e

but it's cute | lotor | lunk

Lotor / Voltron

When life hands you lemons, per Lotor. (quote source Kim Possible)

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lancelot (voltron) | Tumblr

Wallpaper I made for my phone for my fav Lotor. #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #lotor | Voltron: Legendary Defender in 2018 | Pinterest | Klance, ...

if this is really how he is gonna look, well then sign me in the · Voltron ...

Lotor ornahhhhh

Zuko, Nico, and Keith are all one. This is amazing.

Prince Lotor < < he loves his glowy marks

Ashterism. Form voltronVoltron: ...

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Image result for lotor voltron Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Ships, Voltron Paladins

Voltron & Avatar Similar Characters Legend Of Korra, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron

Prince Lotor the half Galra and half Altean Prince from Voltron Legendary Defender

Avatar/Voltron Characters

Well, Keith is Space Zuko so.>> oh no no Keith is space Nico Di Angelo

OKAY BUT what if only his squad is redeemed? (I'm thinking especially the Azula chick) < < OKAY BUT what if his squad is killed? (I'm thinking especially the ...

I didn't know this was a ship since I'm more Shallura | Voltron | Pinterest | Allura, Voltron ships and Klance

Marvel, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Voltron Allura, Blade Of Marmora, Prince

Voltron Legendary Defenders x Inuyasha crossover. Credits to the artist

Keith and Lotor Character Evolution Chart by PeachLover94 ...


voltron legendary defender on Tumblr

Allura / Lotor / Voltron

Voltron / Lotor (+ Loki)

But I don't think Lotor will make it awkward, but still, ...

Voltron: Legendary Defender Interview: Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery


VOLTRON Season 5 Trailer Asks if We Should Trust Lotor

And now I'm just picturing Lotor do the exact same thing as Zuko when he tried switching sides.

(Voltron Theory)

VLD SEASON 5 TRAILER - The White Lion, Lance and Lotor's Arcs, Sam Holt

vld behind the scenes 2

Lotor's Mother Issues | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory

Now the last sentence on both stories are the exact same ones! Now of course we don't exactly now if Lotor will help them defeat Zarkon, but it sure looks ...

PRINCE LOTOR WILL REVEAL KEITH'S SECRET | Voltron: Legendary Defender Prediction - Самые лучшие видео

Ok, now I can't stop drawing @voltron.au.legendary.

VOLTRON Season 5 Trailer Asks if We Should Trust Lotor ...

Voltron at NYCC press room

Don't Forget Me ||Voltron: Legendary Defender - Coran||

Not One of Us ||Voltron: Legendary Defender - Prince Lotor||


vld behind the scenes 2

... VOLTRON Season 5 Trailer Asks if We Should Trust Lotor ...

Alternative Voltron Opening ...

Fans of Avatar and The Legend of Korra may notice Netflix's animated sci-fi Voltron: Legendary Defender has a lot in common with it.


Favorite boys from favorite cartoons!~

Voltron at NYCC posters

Strong Enough ||Voltron: Legendary Defender - Matt Holt||

Now everybody knows about Space Zuko and Space Sokka. Down to the color schemes and skin tones these two are obvious. Their personalities completely reflect ...

KEITH'S GALRA MARK AND THE SUPER WEAPON | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory


Zuko grew up and wears his hair just like Iroh. I'm not crying



lotor's “azula breakdown” was so freaking good

anime cartoon fictional character snapshot mangaka anime cartoon Voltron: Legendary ...

HAGGAR'S GOOD SIDE | Voltron: Legendary Defender Speculation

Lion's Pride. alessiajontrunfio · Follow. Unfollow · shiroVoltron legendary ...

Reasons why Voltron Season 5 was the GREATEST

He reminds me of someone else from Avatar…

Princess Allura VS Lotor the evil Galra Prince from Voltron Legendary

I was thinking a lot about this moment. Somehow it feels like the agni kai was a watershed moment not only for Zuko, but also for Iroh.

Voltron Theory: Shiro has a CLONE- Kuron and his Fate

pidGE NO


we saved each other

VOLTRON THEN AND NOW - Defender of the Universe and Legendary Defender Similarities


Little Fire Lily ||Avatar: The Last Airbender - Azula||

... Pidge Gunderson anime cartoon Voltron cartoon anime cool Zuko ...

Keith (Voltron) vs Zuko (ATLA) 2K17

[part 22] Hes not a kid, hes an old man - - -

I'm not ready

Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerkbending?

I wanna trust Lotor so bad. He Seems like a decent guy with good intentions