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There are spaces to eat in and to enjoy freshly made sweets. Don't forget to try the Deu Fromage Roll only available here.

LeTAO Singapore 2018 • ION Orchard #B1-K7 • 10am - 9:30pm • Tel: +65 87993551 • Air-flown from Hokkaido

LeTAO Singapore - Famous Hokkaido Cheesecake Shop At ION Orchard, $28 For One Double Fromage

LeTao Display

LeTAO's signature is the Double Fromage ($28 for 12cm cake) which, comprises of a no-bake cheesecake on top and a baked cheesecake at the bottom, ...



IMAGE courtesy of LeTAO

LeTAO – Impressive Cheesecakes from Gorgeous Hokkaido

LeTao Singapore | Best cheesecake of the year

LeTAO Cheesecake Double Fromage | Airfrov - Get Travellers To Bring Back Overseas Products

Thursday, 29 December 2016

... melt-in-your-mouth sensation that will leave you wanting more, done only like the Japanese patissiers can do. It's something you literally can't miss if ...


Being the best-selling cheesecake brand, it is no secret that their delicate cheesecakes are made of the finest ingredients. To achieve a velvety texture, ...

LeTAO has changed my life. No more second-thoughts – this is one of the best air-flown Japanese cheesecakes you can ever treat yourself to.

Letao best cheesecake Otaru Japan

Japan's LeTAO cheesecake will have pop-ups today

We believe that the hints of a new idea for sweets recipes can be found in small things that we encounter in our everyday lives. The change of the seasons, ...

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Photo taken at LeTao by Eddy T. on 11/2/2015

Double Fromage Cheese Cake - this wasn't as cheesy as i thought it should be and in comparison to the same type of dessert we had at Furano Delice Honten; ...


LeTAO Singapore 2018 • ION Orchard #B1-K7 • 10am - 9:30pm • Tel: +65 87993551 • Air-flown from Hokkaido

Super fluffy pancakes at LeTAO, at Central Ladprao, Bangkok!… https://t .co/tkPVjLtrQL"

There wasn't the desirable richness even though to be fair, the one at Furano Delice Honten is the best cheesecake i ever had.

LeTAO Main Shop <

LeTAO opened its new shop and cafe, PATHOS, on May 16th, 2011 on the same street!

Sadly, the choux pastry was too hard for my liking and there was a stale aftertaste that simply didn't make the cut. Saving grace were the custard cream and ...

LeTao Double Fromage Cheesecake

Let's have a bit of something, including the store-limited lab lab choux! Advantage of travelling with a group - we had the stomach (and financial ...

Next stop, LeTao, another place for sweet tooth. Aaaamazing pastries and cheesecake! We bought one original cheesecake back and no more worry about looking ...

what can be better than a good cheesecake?

This year, LeTao has released a new flavour – the Uji-Maccha Double – to its line which is a green tea flavoured cheesecake. There is no sampling available ...

DORE by LeTAO – Jakarta, Indonesia

LeTAO Cheesecake

Letao - 62 Photos & 15 Reviews - Desserts - No. 1, Lane 20, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, 中山區, Zhongshan District, 台北市, Taiwan - Restaurant Reviews ...

Letao Head Store

Petit Chocolat Strawberry by LeTAO

LeTao Double Fromage Sign

Boxed in yellow packets, these cheese cookies were thin and crisp, housing a decadent and creamy cheese filling inside. I also tasted hints of white ...

Letao double fromage cheese cake | Airfrov - Get Travellers To Bring Back Overseas Products


18 pieces of fromage case in the LeTAO color

LeTAO Le chocoLat, Otaru - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

LeTAO Singapore 2018 • ION Orchard #B1-K7 • 10am - 9:30pm • Tel: +65 87993551 • Air-flown from Hokkaido

Super expensive and delicious Hokkaido cheesecake

One bite of this famous cheesecake would make you realize why it warrants a premium price. You couldn't deny that it uses top quality ingredients.

letao two layer cheesecake - hokkaido

Visit the LeTao and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory pop-up at the P1 Level of #PowerPlantMall!… https://t.co/qxSaTWrLPy"

Biscuit au Fromage main


Each cake set is Y840 (SGD$10.70) with a cup of coffee. I usually don't like Japanese coffee but the one here tastes fine.

LeTAO Cheese Cake Lab

Le Tao Pathos: cakes!

letao double fromage

DanielFoodDiary - LeTao Cheesecake Singapore

#harbourcity #hcfood #LeTAO #LemonRoyaleMontagne… https://t.co/HFBPZgqrgT"

Photo of ルタオ - Chitose, 北海道, Japan. Different cheesecakes

The unique flavor in every bite of these crispy and exquisite cookies is one that you surely won't forget!

LeTao - Summer Special Peach Cheesecake

LeTAO actually pioneered the “Japanese Cotton Cheesecake” craze. This is a soufflé-like cheese cake with a distinctive look. However, LeTAO doesn't call it ...

Feuillantine chocolate: the more you bite, the stronger the smell of wheat you can taste.

Le Tao Pathos: Le tao cheese cake

LeTAO from Japan has recently opened a kiosk at ION Orchard, offering their famous fromage cheesecakes directly air-flown from Hokkaido!


Unboxing LeTao Double Fromage Cheesecake


leTAO double fromage cheesecake

I don't know how the original tasted but mine smell nice coz of the cake crumbs. When eat, can taste three layer..cake,cheese and lastly soft melt in the ...




Salted Caramel Bliss - DORÉ by LeTAO

Japan LeTAO Milk / White chocolate / Dark chocolate Rice Crackers - 4 Pieces

Anyway, the desserts at LeTao were too pretty to ignore and i had a hard time contemplating what i should have! Priority was definitely the popularity ...

This year, LeTao has released a new flavour – the Uji-Maccha Double – to its line which is a green tea flavoured cheesecake. There is no sampling available ...

leTAO Singapore

Lab Lab Choux - choux pastry shell with custard cream and cream cheese taking up the middle; i was expecting this to be better than beard papa and vanilla ...

Couldn't resist the temptation after seeing the delicious looking cheesecakes in the shop and decided to go for a second round of coffee/tea break in their ...

Biscuit au Fromage Camembert cheese & Black pepper(10 pieces) ...

LeTAO Cheese Biscuits | Airfrov - Get Travellers To Bring Back Overseas Products

Who knew that pears and chocolate go well together? The Niagara chocolate is also a LeTAO specialty. Perfect for those who love fruity chocoaltes.

Unboxing Letao!

Birthday ...

LeTAO's has finally opened in Singapore! With many LeTAO branches all over Hokkaido, many travellers to the northern island might have caught a glimpse of ...

If you find the cheesecake to be too heavy for you, this is the perfect alternative. The sweet and cheesy finish of the cookies is guaranteed to satisfy ...


Crisply Cookie LeTAO pathos in Otaru venezia rendez-vous

Chocolat ...

Bryan Tiu and Dominic Hernandez, who brought Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory to the Philippines, will also be ringing in its sister company, LeTAO in 2017.

Although a small tiny piece (which would psychologically make you savour slowly), the beauty was in its creamy-soft melt-in-mouth layer, which worked in ...

Here it is the melting Cheese cake at Le Tao Pathos, Otaru.

This is Hokkaido's famous western confectionery shop “LeTAO” which specializes in cheesecake, and is built across the street from LeTAO's main store in ...

DORE by LeTAO 1143967

The famed Matcha Fromage is made with Hokkaido Cream cheese, Italian Mascarpone and flavourful Matcha from Kyoto.

Chocolat Fromage

A very happy cheesecake lover