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JYMCU Bluetooth Arduino t Genuino Para empezar y

JYMCU Bluetooth Arduino t Genuino Para empezar y


OK! We are Ready to Set Up!

HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module - TOOGOO(R) 2 x Arduino JY

JY-MCU Arduino Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module from dx.com


SPP-C Replace HC-06 Bluetooth Serial Pass-Through Module SPPC Wireless Serial

Original HC-06 HC06 JY-MCU BT BOARD V1.05 4pin Bluetooth serial


The JY-MCU module

... Picture of AT Command Mode of HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth Module ...


Solu JY-MCU HC-06 Slave Bluetooth Serial Port Transeiver Baseboard Mini module/

KEYES HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 Serial Port Module w/ Logic Level Translator

HC05 JY-MCU anti-reverse Bluetooth serial pass-through module, wireless serial

1 x Arduino Uno 3 x 220 Ohm Resistors 1 x Green LED 1 x Yellow LED 1 x Red LED 1 x TMP36 Temperature Sensor 1 x JY-MCU Bluetooth Slave Module (see ...

HC-05 FC-114 and HC-06 FC-114

BT06 Bluetooth Serial Module Wireless Data Transmission Module

Jy-mcu V1.2 Pro Serial Bluetooth Interface Board

10 proyectos sencillos Arduino para empezar, proyectos arduino principiantes, sencillos y no tanto, Proyectos Arduino Pdf

Picture of How to Repair HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth Module

HC05 HC-05 Master-slave 6Pin JY-MCU Anti-reverse RF Transceiver

TZT AT-09 Android IOS BLE 4.0 Bluetooth module for arduino CC2540 CC2541 Serial Wireless

1 2 3

HC-06 (ZG-B23090W) Bluetooth 2.0 EDR modules

HC-06 Bluetooth Serial Module (HCARDU0004 & HCARDU0064)

Firmware programmer for a cheap Bluetooth module

Como el modulo HC-05 funciona a 3,3 V hay bastante controversia en internet respecto a si debemos o no, poner divisores de tensión para acceder a los pines ...

Parts Required

Arduino Alternatives: 5 Microcontrollers You Should Know | Arduino, Rasberry pi and Arduino projects

Amazon.com: HC-06 Bluetooth Serial Pass-Through Module Wireless Serial Communication Compatible With Arduino by Atomic Market: Computers & Accessories

JY-MCU V1.07 Wireless Bluetooth Serial Transmission Module With Base Plate HC06 Slave

enter image description here

EduBasica es una shield para Genuino-Arduino UNO, permite aprender a programar y desarrollar proyectos científicos-tenológicos.

Click through to see how the Arduino and Bluetooth module are setup, and get the Arduino source code and the App Inventor source code!

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth

Led control on arduino hm 10 Blutooth LE and android with unity 3d

You can safely provide 5v power to this board, as it has an inbuilt 3.3v regulator.Also the board has Status LEDs for visual indication of status of module.



Some pictures:

Next: Use SoftwareSerial with Bluetooth in order to make it easier to program your Arduino and debug your code when using the JY-MCU Bluetooth module.

Above Arduino sketch has been updated to V5 (removed SoftwareSerial) For sketch upload, don't forget to disconnect board TX from Arduino D0

For Arduino DB9 RS232 RF Wireless Bluetooth V2.0 Serial Module HC-06 Slave

USB Host Shield

Flutter is an open source ARM-powered wireless Arduino with 1000m+ (3200 ft)

enter image description here

JY-MCU V1.06 Anti-reverse Wireless Bluetooth Serial Transmission Module HC08 Bluetooth

Control an Arduino from Android over Bluetooth

JY MCU Bluetooth Module Test Assembly

Note: I measured the voltage at the bridge and got 2.8V instead of 3.4V. Eeew, it turns out that the 5V pins of the Arduino Nano barely provide 4V when ...


Uart TTL Serial Digital Camera Module w/ 640x480 Pixels for Arduino

Arduino + Bluetooth

JY-MCU HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Serial RF 5V Transceiver Module 4Pin for Arduino

Set up

Bluetooth HC-05 y HC-06 Tutorial de Configuración

13 proyectos asombrosos con Arduino para ponerte a prueba y pasar un gran rato

En primer lugar, para que el HC-05 entre en modo comandos AT, requiere que cuando se enciende el módulo, el pin KEY este HIGH. Por eso hemos conectado la ...

enter image description here

Funnytoday365 Interface Base Board Serial Transceiver Bluetooth Module For Arduino

SX1278 ESP32 LoRa 0.96 Inch Blue OLED Display Bluetooth WIFI Lora Kit 32 Module IOT Development Board for Arduino W/ Antenna LoRa ESP32 SX1278 Bluetooth ...

Empezando con arduino uno: guía práctica de iniciación- 2ª edición. / Eduardo Gallego

Picture of Configuring Bluetooth Modules

Select your board type and port

Arduino and Android Based Bluetooth Password Lock


Visuino and Delphi Video Tutorial: Arduino 101 Bluetooth LE Remote Control from Android

Edison Arduino Expansion Board

Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz

In the Arduino 'Preferences' dialog, one can add references to external libraries through adding a line to the source. We added the ESP8266 source thus:

Dispositivos bluetooth

Cargando zoom.

HC-05 MODULO Bluetooth en los comandos. Con el botón y ningún botón.

Smart your home up with Raspberry pi, Nodejs, Bluetooth, Serial and RF24 - 2BIT || ! 2BIT

Arduino® Arduino UNO R3

Conectar un Arduino con Android por Bluetooth

OK Google, Open Sesame

This is a very simple sketch to show the operation of a relay. Relays for the Arduino are available on small pcb's and the one I am using is a single relay ...


Starter Kit Beginner Kit for Arduino UNO R3 (Works with Official Arduino Boards) ECT

Micro Python: Python for microcontrollers


Infrared Black White Line Detection Sensor for Arduino

SparkFun USB to Serial Breakout - FT232RL

UgBot - Bluetooth / Arduino Differential Wheeled Robot

Genuino Uno R3


Formas Arduino

Bluetooth Module JYMCU

H35 1pcs/lot HC05 HC-05 JY-MCU anti-reverse, integrated Bluetooth serial pass-through module, HC-05 master-slave 6pin

This post aims to be a complete guide for the popular RF 433MHz Transmitter/Receiver module.

Modified Arduino Nano

... ArduinoCommander 4.2.2 screenshot 5 ...