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Isnt it the girl from Amnesia whit the first boy The red Shin if I

Isnt it the girl from Amnesia whit the first boy The red Shin if I


Isnt it the girl from Amnesia whit the first boy ? The red ? Shin if I remember well. I like him. ♥️

(I'm keeping to the tradition of having pinning scenes up at the top, haha).

Shin is the heroine's childhood friend. He's a year younger than her, currently a third year high school student. Despite being mature and calm for his age, ...

Amnesia/ Shin. Más

Then Shin tells her “I'll make you nervous again, because you won't know when I'm going to kiss you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Amnesia..hot hot hot hota!

[Otome Game Review] Amnesia: Memories

Ikki Visual Novel

AMNESIA 03: so we're doing Shin's route first?

I always liked people who look cold but are warm deep inside. I mean, Shin has a big sharp tongue but he is kind in is own way. If I had to ...

Amnesia - Shin Amnesia Shin, Amnesia Anime, Hot Anime Boy, Anime Boys,

Shin from Amnesia

Boy, I really feel uncomfortable when the heroine doesn't speak. I don't self-insert so the whole route just feels awkward. I still liked the story though.


Browse AMNESIA collected by Vammy Barlian and make your own Anime album.

Amnesia X Reader(Shall We Start Again?)

This story takes place in a fictional town,in a fictional country,in a fictional world.One morning,a young lady awakens to find that she has lost her ...

Heroine Visual Novel


At his house he ends up teaching her a lot of things and becomes frustrated when she doesn't remember anything or improve. He calms down though and starts ...

Licensed Amnesia - Page 10 - AnimeSuki Forum // Shin!

Lin wakes up and the first thing she asks is where Toma went. He answers her from in the room and she sees that he's already dressed.

Shin reassures you that he has no plans of letting you go, and asks you to remain within a distance just like now where he can hug you.

A graduate student from the mathematics department. Kent always looks at everything from a bird's eye perspective, and he's interested in anything that ...

Ikki is a very devoted and affectionate man. Although he seems like a playboy at first glance, there is much more to his character than is first revealed.

<3 Amnesia Shin, Amnesia Anime, Hot Anime

Anime picture with amnesia idea factory shin (amnesia) single tall image short hair black hair red eyes group monochrome red silhouette male card (cards)



So finally I'm here with Shin (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) from Amnesia Later. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Shin-Amnesia < he was so cute with the dog I still can't get over it. He's my favorite character of Amnesia, but I also really like Toma and Ikki.

Smooch First, Ask Questions About Your Past Life Experiences Later: The Amnesia: Memories Review | Gaming.moe

You, the heroine, are not having a good day. You've got work to go to, a relationship you just got into to deal with and on top of that, a little creature ...

Somehow, this "dere"-type is the most popular of all (that's what I heard). Yanderes also can be either boy and girls, but mostly girls.

This post will not be majorly critical. Just something with a basic look of the anime. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PHOTOS/GIFS. NO BIG SPOILERS!

Shin from Amnesia

... suits are meant to represent each male that she can hook up with. I for one, am actually more interested in her history. How did she meet these guys?

amnesia heroine x shin - Yahoo Image Search Results

It will have to go some way to impress me if it's going to be as good as Dusk Maiden of Amnesia though, one show that I liked so much on DVD ...

Amnesia (Fanfiction)

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Complete Collection

first time i noticed his thigh high boot and i regretted everything i cant date you anymore

... girl who here memory's and stuck with a spirit and 5 boys with different personality and world the five guys are Ukyo,Toma,Shin,Ikki,Kent they are so ...

It's kinda hard because the first impression of him is that of a terrible Playboy (I knew the truth but Ari and Orion didn't) and his cold treatment isn't ...

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captain marvel trailer glowing carol brie larson

Amnesia SP_2

💖Amnesia Boys Role Play💖

Shin (AMNESIA) download Shin (AMNESIA) image

Amnesia: Memories Review

Hoping you all had a good Valentine's Day! If not, Waka is here to make it better…

AMNESIA's OP episode opened up nicely with a game-like feel to it. The plot itself is done in such a way that the heroine is required to interact with the ...

Amnesia: Memories Review

#amnesia #anime #bondage #domination #fantsay #forcedrelationship #ikki #kidnap #lemon #nosebleed #reluctant #romance #sexscenes #shin #smuttyfanfic ...

Amnesia: Kidnapped By Yandere Toma X Female Reader

Amnesia: Memories Review

photo amnesiaepisode104_zps26cf33e2.jpg

It can be either actions or answers to people and making those answers can lead you to different endings. So yeah.. I went looking for it and I saw these ...

Amnesia anime fanfic- my love

Shin (AMNESIA) download Shin (AMNESIA) image

#amnesia #anime #bondage #domination #fantsay #forcedrelationship #ikki #kidnap #lemon #nosebleed #reluctant #romance #sexscenes #shin #smuttyfanfic ...


Carcass. [Toma and Ukyo Love Triangle]

Ringabel The Amnesia Boy

But I guess this only means that by the end of ep2, right after the heroine's accident and time reversal, we're tackling Shin's route.

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Amnesia: Memories Review

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get out of my personal space

Shin ~ Amnesia

If the rest of the series is just as good, we'll be onto a winner here.

Black Jack manga vol 1.jpg

The Boys of Amnesia

The art in Amnesia: ...

Honestly, I'm torn. I don't know if I do or not. He's not my favorite though.

So far I've only gotten 1 'normal ending' and the rest have been 'bad endings'. This isn't good for me because in order to play Ukyos story, you have to get ...

Amnesia: Memories Review

I don't play fair XD that girl is mine. I had so much

Despite not having a common story, AMNESIA makes sure that players have enough chance to interact with every character that comes by with a name/portrait ...

I can go on and on about individual characters in AMNESIA, but shall leave them for future AMNESIA-related entries. (Too many unused screenshots…)

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Serious talks aside, you can still expect plenty of “FTW just happened” moments in AMNESIA (e.g. Ikki's fan club made me cringe with a passion) in typical ...

I really liked the design interface and system of Amnesia: Memories. It was clean, crisp, easy to navigate and suited the theme of the game. You can just ...

Technically, Amnesia is fine. The discs are fine, the image quality and the audio is fine. No doubt it will be finer on the Blu-ray.

After an unsettling dream, a young girl wakes up in a cafe, dressed in a waitress uniform, but with no idea of whom or where she is. Before she can say ...

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Shin (AMNESIA) · download Shin (AMNESIA) image

Transition screens in sketch-like format (see above screens) are another feature I thoroughly enjoyed while playing AMNESIA, which not only gave the overall ...

As days go by, the constant incidents with Ikki and women make it hard for Ari and Orion to get a clear picture of him. Talks with Shin and others just ...

Preview Image for Amnesia Collection

An animated red-haired girl sheds her outfit against an English series logo and a