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IM DYING LOLLLLL faces t BTS Memes and Bts memes

IM DYING LOLLLLL faces t BTS Memes and Bts memes


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meme sharing book just read, laugh, leave.


Yeah I'm supposed to be doing homework in a class I'm getting a B in but hey the memes are so good today.

Bts meme

i felt bad for him thoo TT < ikr poor suga < < the face of sadness. Find this Pin and more on BTS Memes❤️ ...

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me too jungkook

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Read BTS from the story ✘ memes


I wasn't even thinking dirty thoughts until I read this Kdrama Memes, Bts

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Yesss I have an anime club at my school and over half the people there love BTS and I'm sitting here like “I have found my people”

Bts memes



List of Things That Golden Maknae Cannot Do: 1)Maths | allkpop Meme Center

I shouldn't be feeling this way towards my teacher." © taehyungnation 2017 [Highest ranking: in Fanfiction] 011018

Lmao yea you can see the pain in his eyes he's just like”I'm suddenly not fluent don't talk to me bish”

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Seeing a couple kissing in the hallway when ur on ur way to class

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I wouldn't hand him a marriage contract only cuz I know I'm. Kdrama MemesBts ...

#wattpad #fanfic ¿Quieres saber cuáles son las weas que se me ocurren mientras estoy aburrida? Pues, bienvenido/a. CREADA POR MÍ. NO ADAPTACIONES.

dying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on

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Jimin playing candy crush like

67443db044cf576315ab9f9ef89694fe.jpg (1200×1110)

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Okay this kills me and call me a bad fan, but I'm really not obsessed with Agust D.perhaps because I don't like cussing lol suga is super talented though

The face of true terror, this is basically my face everyday in math class XD

Class of BTS Lmao Suga Swegggg V is so cute 😂 Tb when Jimin low key exposed him for like saying roles in dramas while doing laundry xD tae is too cute ...

Pin by La fachakpoper on BTS memes faces | Pinterest | BTS, Bts memes and Kpop

Read from the story Insultos Vrgas del Yoongi by (^^Grecia^^) with reads. Find this Pin and more on BTS caras de meme♡ ...



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Bts is so weird. *・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶

Find this Pin and more on BTS memes by swaagbipolar.

when the one u hate gives her/his opinion... | bts trash | Pinterest | BTS, Bts memes and Kpop

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3 pairs of converse, one of my favorite songs by is Cypher Pt. and I do have jams! I'm freaking dying literally listening to converse high rn I have ...

No one can bring Yoongi Down SWEEG XD | allkpop Meme Center

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aren't those just all of the different kinds of hats, though.

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allkpop Meme Center. Bts ...

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Awww...well don't worry jimin... Yoongi // BTSBTS ...

Winking with both eyes is the sign of awesomeness! Beautiful MemeCurrent MoodMeme FacesMood BoardsBts ...

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I USE BODYWASH!!!! Because this is what I literally think about when it comes to soaps. I live with 8 other people in my house.

He fucking repeated "shitty" and just started to giggle like a 10 year old and jk started laughing too I'm so proud of my kiddos for knowing my daily ...

That third picture is so accurate. I'm happy for the most part like · Wasting TimeJimin FunnyBTS meme faceTrue ...

Started: Finished: /// it's old, it's crap, it's bad, pls don't waste your time =_= Find this Pin and more on BTS memes ...

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Cat and Dog love (Park Jimin and Min Yoongi edition) | allkpop Meme Center

I've always thought Jin was amazing. Glad he's starting to get more recognition. Thank you Tae too:))


Jimen being savage af #vminmemes #btsmemes #vmin #jin #rapmonster #suga #jhope #jimin #V #jungkook

#TalksToNamjoonOnce - Twitter Search. Bts ...

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Never forget that bangtan actually framed Hoseok's legendary meme photo and hung it up in their. JhopeBts ...

Bts jimin · 『˗ˏˋ pinterest ~ @strawberrymurlk ˎˊ˗』

The loving expressions on their faces and. Bts ...

He is such a meme face

Etiqueta #ImagineBitiesiExposed en Twitter

that's how real ya gotta be about games smh bts ain't fake fans

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Bts memes

Google+ True Memes, Funny Memes, Bts Bulletproof, Bts Quotes, Kdrama Memes,

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Read Trabajo :u from the story MEMES De BTS by Noelix_p (Jack Jack) with reads.

Explore Bts Facts, Bts Bangtan Boy, and more!

I'm not sure where exactly is 'manly' in this picture tbh, but anyway . BTS, ladies and gentlemen!>>> I personally think that Jin still looks sexy

Read One Shot from the story BTS Imagina by allie_garzon (a r t i s t) with reads. Vale, cambiaré el nombre del One Shot, hay una escritora.

The best part about BTS birthdays: derp pics heuheuheueeheehuu Happy Bday TaeTae

If you really like being beautiful you will really like this website!

Philosophizing with Rap Monster. Is Jimin okay XD. Find this Pin and more on BTS meme ...

funny_bts (@FUNNY_BTS) | Twitter · Bts MemesFunny ...

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I didnt think they would roast each other seriously tho.

Me when someone says something rlly dumb. K Pop MemesBts ...

why does the reflection of hobi's face look like Tae's meme face omg < < omg help

Meme Center | allkpop · Bts ...

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uknee, you are left behind, I deadass know the bts emoji thingy was within the young forever era

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