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I got this 3 days ago Minor tattoo blowout or just healing Tattoos

I got this 3 days ago Minor tattoo blowout or just healing Tattoos




Do I have a blowout?! Or will this fade??

I got this 3 days ago. Minor tattoo blowout or just healing?

Blowout, crap work, or just healing?

How to Avoid Tattoo Blowout

Blowout or healing? 3 days old so could just be scabbing but kind of nervous.

Day 2 of fresh tattoo. The ink seems to look slightly spread around the tattoo specifically the rabbit's foot. Is this part of the healing process or ...

Tattoo blowout? Just got this tattoo 5 days ago so its still healing but I cant help but notice that the lines are getting blurry. Is it just healing or is ...

Blowout, crap work, or just healing?-straight.jpg

It's very bizarre -- under light or even looking at it up close, it doesn't appear. But if I look at it from a bit farther away, I can see the very ...

I got my first tattoo two days ago and the lettering looks like it's leaking. It started looking like this 4-5 hours after I got it. Is it a blowout?


got this 3 days and want to know if its a blowout or just part of the healing? Cheers

Tattoo Blowout or Is It Still Healing?


... the tattoo was finished. tat exhb1

HELP - Blow Out?-dsc_0216.jpg

Tattoo blowouts

After using coconut oil on the second day, I experienced a lot of ink bleeding out in the bottom portion. I was hoping it would fade or wash away, ...

I only used coconut oil for one day (the second day post tattoo) and this is what I experienced. Naturally, I assumed that it was the coconut oil which ...

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Tattoo Healing Process

Are finger tattoos a bad idea? Here's what tattoo parlours really want you to know

Is this a blowout? Tattoo is 6 days old. Several lines are MUCH thicker

New tattoo - blowout, bruising or OCD? - Big Tattoo Planet Community Forum

Red, swollen back tattoo

20160115_200919.jpg Finger tattoo help!-20160115_200911.jpg

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What Is Tattoo Blowout Tattoo Blowout, Ruin, Vegan, Piercings, Peircings, Piercing


First tattoo - is this blowout or part of the normal healing process?

ink leaking from tattoo

Aged Tattoo

Finger tattoo help!

I have some OCD tendencies, so when I notice something small like this, I tend to focus on it more than I should.

Saniderm users: If second application saniderm has sprung leak (day 3ish) and become a little red should I be concerned and change it?

Tattoos can peel lots while being washed.


My finished (3 days ago) mandalorian tattoo by Cassie, Adept tattoo Halifax NS

Leg skeleton tattoo, dot tattoo on male

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. How does Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding affect tattoos? Once pregnant we will not tattoo ...

This was shortly after the meat of my right sleeve tattoo had healed. Beautiful if

Any tattoos that are likely to rub against other parts of your body may be better to remain wrapped for a night to allow the healing process to begin ...

Blowout cover-up idea. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Do not get backyard tattoos! This tattoo is around 7 weeks old. I now

Tattoo Aftercare - How To Care For A New Tattoo

... (i.redd.it)

Tattoo Scabbing


Any feedback? should I be worried or am I just being overly concerned being that this is my first and I don't know any better!?

Before and after. Cover up of this blowout ink under the skin. With watercolor splashes. If anybody have this problem stop. Y we can figure out solution ...

A Guide to Hand-Poke Versus Machine Tattoos: Process, After-Care,

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The Science of Tattoos

A new and wrapped tattoo


tattoos tats womens tattoos mens tattoos girls tattoos boys tattoos hand finger small back shoulder arm wrist leg ankle tattoos Full body tattoos sleeve ...

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The Newest Trend, Solid Black Tattoos with White Highlights are Absolutely Beautiful – Wow Amazing

Fully healed!

I hope I have quelled your anxiety over your tattoo. Trust me I've been there I know how it feels to think you've got something on you that has to be fixed.

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A beautiful, perfectly healed tattoo

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My Toothless tattoo by Tyler Hochhalter from New Dimension Tattoos in Calgary, AB. Done at the Edmonton Tattoo and Arts Festival

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Photo of Top Shelf Tattooing - Bayside Queens, NY, United States. Spiders and

My new tattoo from St. MarQ at New Breed Tattoos in West Lafayette, IN (got another 2 sittings for the rest of it.

10 Tips For Wedding Ring Tattoos

Image titled Get Rid of Tattoo Scarring and Blowouts Step 9

Any ideas what it is ?

Blowout removed Tattoo Blowout, Laser Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, How To Remove, Body

Are Tattoos Safe?

I'm sure you've noticed nowadays people want writing, writing, writing, tons of writing and it is just going to turn into mush.

Photo of Tattoo & Co Midtown Miami - Miami, FL, United States. one


Best Friend Tattoo

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Photo of 22 Caliber Tattoos - Hilliard, OH, United States. by Shawn

Do not get backyard tattoos! This tattoo is around 7 weeks old. I now have extreme blowout and need to get a new tattoo to cover it.

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Photo of Black Ink Tattoo Studio - New York, NY, United States

New tattoo