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Honey you39ve got a big storm comin VOLTRON t Storms

Honey you39ve got a big storm comin VOLTRON t Storms


Klance fan art in 2018 | Voltron | Pinterest | Klance, Voltron klance and Miraculous ladybug

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Started off as a casual warm up to get back into drawing characters after doing work all month.

shiro's soul in the black lion: *tears in eyes* but no one ever asks 'how is shiro?

Older Lance & Hunk <--- does anyone else find it kind of sad that they're covered in scars? <---Well yeah but it's realistic cuz you know. they are defending ...

Honey, you've got a big storm comin'

I want a cat Lance

they got my boy lookin like an old man but that won't change the fact that he's still hot

Storm's coming

#wattpad #fanfiction I own none of these they go to their respected owners

Why is this so funny to me < < idk but same

*sighs* *shrugs* *flips table**lies on floor* Hey there Space Rangers… Fanfiction


voltron | Tumblr

Show me what you named your Voltron screenshots

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「MMV」Killing Stalking [Crazy in Love]*YAOI 18+* - YouTube


voltron | lance | art by asterein

i refuse to ever accept keith with no mullet

Voltron / Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover by solkorra - Keith / Mustang

Reblog. ⛈️

Keith and Pidge <-- voltron legendary defender <

If you don't love Josh Keaton you're wrong

the blue pilot

there's so much beauty in a storm

And Besides, There's So Much Beauty In A Storm

John Hubbard, 1914 - 1988

Ohmigod, this is actually pretty funny

Anna Meyer

This is funny because this seems to be what he is doing except he's in the. Voltron MEMES!!!

When your phone goes off in school, when everyone is doing silent work, and sir I decides to say, "What do you need now you brainless lazy human?

The pioneer of live TV recording was just minding its own business, muddling along in a world it doesn't recognize when news broke that Amazon is looking to ...

idk if this has been done before, but the idea popped into my head & i couldn't sleep until i scribbled it out- noodle lost her second front tooth !

Have you heard of 2014 America's Next Top Model alum, Winnie Harlow? Winnie — a model with the chronic skin condition of Vitiligo — recently defended her ...

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All I can think about is Wanda and Cosmo were a married couple and this is a crossover of that where it's Dan and Phil as Wanda and Cosmo.

Elleot Gordon

Shannon Gardner

Aww Lance probably made a joke and Keith is just adoring him!

I have a basketball game tomorrow. I'm


Welcome To Team HOMO — snatchedweaves:

Awakening Code added a new photo.

The internet doesn't give you cancer grandma!

12 Spongebob Memes that Have a Direct Connection to Your Soul

Listen to Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor on

jeanne 💫

A Website You've Never Heard of Scooped Everyone on a Great.


Your body has an infinite capacity to heal. Even if youve.


Keeley Adams

Omg XD but seriously tho, it's not all the hot guys that are gay, it's the sweet caring ones that actually respect women and aren't complete whores



i believe this was some blue archer lance by thesearchingastronaut fun fact: theres a blue archer lance in the fanfic called "from the ruins, we shall rise" ...


Make “Air Goggles” to Search for Items You've Dropped in the Water

Very cute~ and scary.

Dennis has feelings Charlie sings songs to Dee saying he loves her AM I IN HEAVEN

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

Storm's coming

Trending GIF music big big brother finale board brother wednesday pulse giving jackie collins receive i'm so use to giving and now i get to receive

Tap to look full-sized Xiaomi Poco F1 digital camera samples

This was me forcing my friends to read killing stalking

Image result for voltron memes < < < < I don't care about anything

we are made of stardust

The uncomfortable problem of sitting in church funny pictures]

when using killing stalking for memes. <

grafika memes, ks, and killing stalking

Oh Sangwoo... | Killing Stalking

rainbow over iceland - can't think of a more appropriate day to post this!

Like, seriously. Show a bit of respect for teenagers.

Custom order for Keith from Voltron cosplay costume

MV5BOTY4NWYzZTYt[email protected]._V1_UY300.jpg

I honestly don't know who I ship, Klance or Sheith

5 reasons liberals are frightened of Duterte beating ISIS

mercredi 6 mai 2015

storm's coming

Keith, you've earned your wings

LG's V30 Packs More Camera Than You've Ever Seen in a Phone | Utter Buzz!

You gain experience about the world the hard way, trying to earn some coin with the point of your sword (in this case a pen) and stay on the good side of ...


Killing Stalking

I was always confused about why Riley was the only one with male and female emotions but everyone else had the same gender

there's a big storm coming

Human Jack and brunette Elsa going on an adventure in the woods together, to go play in the hidden pond that was their secret spot, where they can be alone ...

Media playback is unsupported to your instrument Media caption'I used to be misled by Natural Cycles app' An advert on Facebook for an app that gives a ...

On this episode of “Actually Me,” Post Malone is going undercover on the Internet and responds to actual feedback from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, ...

There's so much beauty in a storm.

Yaaaas it's Killing Stalking, Yuri on Ice, Mystic Messenger, and Voltron.


(the word isn't always sexual… but… in this case… it totally is. Wild.)

sunshine & rainbows: its not all sunshine and rainbows, but a lot of it

This Cinnamon Roll Dessert pizza will be the BEST dessert that you make! All of the goodness of a cinnamon roll drizzled in a cream cheese glaze!!

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