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Guys did you really make a comic about a pun my most popular post

Guys did you really make a comic about a pun my most popular post


Guys did you really make a comic about a pun my most popular post? Guys

deadpool spderman

Most notable is that Aaron helps Spider-Man out because of his concern for his "nephew." This has hugely excited fans of Miles, as it lays the groundwork ...

You couldn't swing a dead cat this year and not end up hitting a fantastic new comic. This is a good thing! (Unless you're a dead cat.) At the same time, ...

It's my 400th Deep Dark Fears comic! A story submitted by Jules - thanks!

He's constantly encouraging Toomes to continue escalating his scores through the use of more sophisticated technology.

Amazing Spider-Man No. 17

How many do you recognize? And let us know what we missed by tweeting @HeatVisionBlog (bonus points for sharing a comic book panel and issue number).

Have a great week, all. Don't forget to visit your local comic book shop.

The Race Card is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Funniest Spider

Comic by Daryll Collins

30 Brutally Dark Memes & Comics For Your Twisted Entertainment - Memebase - Funny Memes

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Deadpool Comes On to Spider-Man Again

Batman's censored and uncensored penis

We've re-launched Progressive Boink, friends! Our new front page is here. Hope you enjoy. Hundreds of comic strips have ...

Joe: What do you call wood when it's scared? Bob: I don't know. Joe: Petrified! Joke submitted by Daniel B., Lincoln, Neb. Comic by Daryll Collins

Amazing Spider-Man No. 12. The Comic: In a famous ...

Yesterday, the nominations for the Eisner Awards, often considered the Oscars of Comics, came out, honoring five comics in the digital comics category.


Comic Book Cover For Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #2

Bread Pun Images

The long-awaited Deadpool movie hits theaters quite soon, but as we're bombarded by ironic ads and reframed trailers, let's take a moment to remember one of ...

This feature was originally published on November 14th, 2007, by Bill and B. Holy Lord, Rob Liefeld is bad at drawing. I mean, holy shit ... I'll stop.

Ultimate Spider-Man No. 37. The Comic: ...

Laugh at funny Star Wars jokes, puns and comics by Boys' Life readers that would even make Darth Vader chuckle. Do you know a funny Star Wars joke or pun?

There's a knowing joke comedy podcasters have been using as an aside on their shows for the past couple of years that feels more true than ever before in ...

50 Funny Christmas Jokes and Comics

Christmas Jokes


Marriage-Jokes-Perfect-For-Any-Wedding-Speech Karma3/Shutterstock. Did you hear about the ...


Funny Two Line Joke

We asked Boys' Life readers to send us their favorite Pokémon jokes. Here are ten of the best.

Punch cartoon of the Second Balkan War. King Carol I of Romania points his pistol at King Peter I of Serbia and King Constantine of Greece while he steals ...



stick figure couple huddled on a thin blue beam (their relationship) between "soul


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (Vol. 2) No. 1

From Robotman to Deathlok, comics have a long history with characters who are half-human/half-machine. Here are our 10 favorites!

Comic by Scott Nickel

cadbortion and loss edit of Game Of Thrones scene where the dragon gets speared with ice

My wife was still rolling the camera phone through this fit and start routine. After I finally got one of the backing boards out of the comic, ...

If your only contact with a comic book retailer has been this guy then you have ...

spiderman quote

Comic by Scott Nickel

Batman's censored and uncensored penis

Comic by Scott Nickel

"Also, your haircut makes you look like a douche" "Actually, that's. "

How can a book catch a break when it's constantly being checked out?

Cause of death: Murdered by Thanos, who transforms his skeleton into rubber and leaves his body to collapse upon itself. Wolverine was just one of a number ...

Feldstein wrote, and Jack Kamen drew, this page from Haunt of Fear #16

How to Create a Comic Strip With Your Kids in 7 Easy Steps | My Kids' Adventures

You're Lazy! You're Annoying! Stop ruining my life! At


spiderman quote

cadbortion loss edits meme orginal that sparked the greats meme ever

gag a day comic

Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

"Russian Girls Do It Best. I Love Puns"


Learn to embrace change - Change management comic

56 Funny Math Jokes And Puns That Will Make You Smile, Easy As Pi | Thought Catalog

Funny Senior Comics - vasectomy joke


Chester Gould's Dick Tracy vs "The Mole" (October 12, 1941)

How the best Donald Duck story of all time skewered capitalism / Boing Boing

In this comic, X-Force leader Cable (worse than the previous leader, Network) and Domino (with the proportional strength and speed of Petey from Our Gang) ...

Art by Dan Piraro at bizarro.com

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The Dark Knight Returns

New Yorker Cartoons

If National Geographic talked more trash about its subject, it would be this gem.

Cause of death: Sacrificed his life as part of a magical ritual. Cosmic matters brought the hero — and the rest of the X-Men — back to life after they all ...

Did you catch the ...

Cause of death: Killed by an earlier version of himself via time travel (suicide by proxy takes on a whole new meaning). The time-traveling Age of Ultron ...

We're left with the occasional reference to the Deadbeats title (which I'll post about tomorrow, I guess), but that's about it. At least in the six issues I ...

Vegetable Pun Images

In what remains the most unlikely resurrection of Wolverine yet, the character immediately came back to life after his death ...


Classic Family Guy Jokes Worth A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Making the appearance of this cover even stranger (no pun intended) is the look of the monster itself. Illustrated by Neal Adams, the "Spectre of the ...

Image for The 30 Comic Books You Should Have Read

This is SOOOO bad I'm laughing! I'm so naughty.

The first human clone! Cyanide and happiness

20+ Cute And Funny Puns By Arseniic

Thanks to Kitty, Deadpool's body is blown up, but the epilogue reveals that he's still in one piece. Not that the comic would ever follow up on that.

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