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GMSN 6U Eurorack Travel Case t

GMSN 6U Eurorack Travel Case t


Eurorack Portable Travel Cases

Eurorack Portable Travel Cases

Eurorack Portable Travel Cases

Eurorack Portable Travel Cases

Cases, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Destinations, Trips, Boxes, Traveling

Eurorack Portable Travel Cases

Doepfer LC6 Eurorack Case

found a 12u 84hp folding case. really in love with this one by MDR modular

GMSN! 6U Eurorack Travel Case

Cases, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Destinations, Trips, Boxes, Traveling

New pics of 12UFO case by DNGR:TECH



shadow 6u / 208hp

Elite Modular 208 Portable Eurorack Flight Case - 6u

shadow 6u / 208hp

shadow 6u / 208hp

Synthrotek Powered 6U + 1U 84HP Eurorack Case - Portable & Waterproof! $525 + $50

Arturia RackBrute 6U Eurorack Case with Power (NEW)

6U 84HP Erica Eurorack Modular Case Fusion Mixer Tube Valve module 6VAC PSU

Cases, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Destinations, Trips, Boxes, Traveling

RackBrute 6U Adjustable Eurorack Case

Rack Brute Travel Bag

ELECTROCOMP EML-200 Rare Vintage Modular Synthesizer 70s analog synth REBUILT

Bespoke 6U 104hp Oak Eurorack Case SALE UNTIL 5TH NOV ONLY not skiff modular

Eurorack Case - Black, 6U/104HP - by SynthRacks, UK

Is 48HP too small?

shadow 6u / 208hp

Damaru x Elevator Sound Eurorack Modular Travel Case – 6U

... sequencer, or not. Those eat up valuable HP. I never was happy with what was available and decided to make my own, but if there is one out there, ...

Make Noise Rene Mk2 Eurorack Sequencer Module

Six4pix CV.OCD Midi – CV Converter Box (Black)

Cases, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Destinations, Trips, Boxes, Traveling

£275.00 · Sapele Eurorack Skiff

Treadstone Analog Synthesizer (Eurorack)

Intellijel 7U Performance Eurorack modular case

T-Wrex Bitcrusher + Decimator

1 of 1Only 1 available ...

RackBrute 3U Adjustable Eurorack Case

Modular Eurorack Synthesizer (Doepfer, Pittsburgh) in Case With Power Supply

This could simplify a travel rig. Introducing bitbox Say hello to bitbox. Bitbox delivers

Doepfer A-140v ADSR Vintage Edition : Eurorack Module : NEW : [DETROIT MODULAR

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms KB-1 Eurorack Module

Roland System 100m modular Synthesizer 100 M

A little speaker module that Mono-Poly made some PCBs for. After we removed a bunch of compoments from the original circuit, the hum (almost completely) ...

Complete Eurorack System 6U, mannequins, Make Noise, Serge, E350, GMSN suitcase

1 of 1FREE Shipping ...

ELECTROCOMP EML-101 Rare Vintage Analog Modular Synth synthesizer FULLY REBUILT

Crossfold Modulation Processor

insoul8 wrote:

doepfer P9 eurorack case PSU3

and made a small skiff-like case. (need more!!)

Here's an Imgur gallery of some of my panels -

Tangle Quartet Quad VCA Mixer

Kastle Handheld Modular Synthesizer (v1.5)

Quattro Figaro Quad VCA Mixer (Aluminum)

ARIES MODULAR 300 Vintage Analog Synthesizer METICULOUSLY SERVICED synth arp

Serge Dual Processor

UCLOUDS - Texture synthesizer – EURORACK MODULE

Roland System 100m modular synth in superb condition

Flex Eurorack PLL

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum Kick Bass Drum Eurorack Modular Synth Module

GMSN! Eurorack 6U 84HP Studio Rack Case

TrAniModule Speaker Mixer

First build of the year a Haible Son Of Storm Tide Flanger - checking out the new PCB from RS.


STD Syncopated Timing Disruptor

NLC NonLinearCircuits Null-A2 42HP All-In-One Analogue Synth Eurorack Module

This beautiful eurorack case allows you to keep your modular synthesiser rig fully patched on the move and fully accessible during performance.

Deviant Random Generator

Thomas Henry's VC Quadrature Function Generator. I'm quite happy with how this turned out, looks the business grin

shadow 6u / 208hp

Telemark Eurorack Filter

Here it is with my modules spread out a bit.

... setup so I euroracked one together with a midiBastl to syncronize stuff. I added trigger inputs using lm324 comparators into CD4066 that shorts the big ...

Squarp Instruments Hermod Eurorack Sequencer Module

Case - Wood Sides - 1x 6U THICK


Malekko MIDI / 3.5 Cables

Modular Synth Pack - BRAND NEW

M1xXOR CV Sequencer

Safety Valve Distortion Euro Rack Modular Synth GMSN Look Mum No Computer LMNC




MDLRCASE Eurorack Busboard


So what would be the next 3 modules you would get for this system and (as much as you care to explain) why?


shadow 6u / 208hp


The Modular Thread 2016-kimg1705.jpg

shadow 6u / 208hp