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Funko Just Announced 39Gilmore Girls39 Funko Pops Pop t

Funko Just Announced 39Gilmore Girls39 Funko Pops Pop t


The Pocket Pops cost $4.95 each. They are a fun size and a very reasonable price. I just wish Anna's eyebrows didn't look quite so severe. ;)

My mom and aunt went to our local Hot Topic yesterday and discovered these ADORABLE new Funko Mystery Minis:

The back of the box shows the adorable Maximus Funko Pop, too. He wasn't at the store, but he's super cute. I hope that they eventually make a Eugene as ...

As you know from my last post, the My Little Pony Funko Vinyl figures are some of my favorites, and "A Canterlot Wedding" is my all-time ...

I also have a Disney Store Anna still in her box, but figured I'd just stick to deboxed dolls for now (aside from my Comic Con Funko Pop Elsa).

(Sorry for the blurry quality-my phone doesn't take the best pictures!)

Luna is easily removed from her package. I know I've mentioned this before, but the Funko Vinyls and Funko Pops are a toy reviewer's dream.

However, I'm kind of surprised Hasbro got the rights to this name, considering the highly popular Funko Pop line.


I also discovered that I don't have all that many plain green things in my collection. ;)

I was seriously tempted to put every single one of them in my cart, but I really don't need that many more Barbies, shouldn't pay that much for that many ...

... to see in person: My Little Pony Squishy Pops. These little blind bag-type toys are in little surprise balls. They retail for just under two dollars.