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Fantasy Characters in tvN Drama Hwayugi Reveal True t

Fantasy Characters in tvN Drama Hwayugi Reveal True t


Fantasy Characters in tvN Drama Hwayugi Reveal True Selves in Portraiture Posters - A Koala's Playground

Fantasy Characters in tvN Drama Hwayugi Reveal True Selves in Portraiture Posters - A Koala's Playground | Filmy | Pinterest | Korean drama, ...

“Hwayugi”/ “A Korean Odyssey” Character Posters + New Trailer | Couch Kimchi. “

Fantasy drama 'Hwayugi' reveals new poster images! | Koogle TV

Fantasy drama 'Hwayugi' reveals new poster images! | Koogle TV

A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi).jpg

A Koala's Playground

“Hwayugi” Staff Member Revealed To Have Been Severely Injured On Set, tvN Responds. “

tvN Issues Statement Regarding Episodes 3 And 4 Of “Hwayugi”

“Hwayugi” Reveals Unique Character Posters For Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hong Ki,

Bora And Kim Ji Soo Confirmed For tvN's Romantic Fantasy Drama “Hwayugi”

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by javabeans


Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-ki. This casting lineup for tvN's next fantasy romance Hwayugi ...

I've been girding myself for the concluding week of tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) that I didn't really process just how many new K- dramas ...

“Hwayugi” Drops Photos Of Lee Seung Gi From First Script Reading. “

Jazmine K2018-02-24T13:56:45+00:00February 10th, 2018|Categories: Kdrama Buzz|Tags: Cha Seung Won, Jang Gwang, Kim Sung Oh, Lee Ei, Lee hong Ki, ...

For a high profile K-drama like Hwayugi with a big name cast including my faves Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won, it's dispiriting that the drama is limping ...

Cable network tvN aired episodes 3 and 4 of its fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) this weekend after two weeks off and the drama picked up right ...

Watch: “Hwayugi” Cast Talk About Similarities With Their Characters And Participate In Table

5 Things We Loved And 3 Things We Hated About “Hwayugi” Episodes 7 And


3 Couples Of “Hwayugi” That Tug On Our Heartstrings

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I know that our monsters in Hwayugi didn't go on a pilgrimage like they did in Journey to the West, but it still felt like quite the journey, ...

I love the stylish teasers that have been coming out of the Hong sisters' newest fantasy drama Hwayugi, though they don't really give much away in terms of ...

I think every actor and actress involved with the tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) deserves to take a long and leisurely break.

by tipsymocha

It's an episode all about death, but in true Hong sisters fashion it's an opportunity for gags, since dying means something entirely different to a bunch of ...

by girlfriday

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Park Bo Gum Declines Hong Sisters' Casting for New TvN Fantasy Drama " Hwayugi"

... (Hwajeong) has met with the Hong sisters writing team (Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran) and is in talks to headline their new fantasy-romance drama, ...

6 Korean Dramas to Watch after Hwayugi. KDrama News


Hwayugi Korean Drama Recommendations

Lee Seung-gi, Lee Se-young

DP7i_giU8AIJ5ks.jpg:large. Reveal hidden contents

TVN 'Hwayugi'

Black (Korean Drama)-P1.jpg

Lee sae young is a zombie girl in first 'hwayugi' still cuts


I've been trying to keep my expectations down for this, but with this cast and the fantasy action premise, I have to admit that I've been ...

Park Bo Gum

Going from princess to monk, My Sassy Girl's Oh Yeon-seo has confirmed fantasy romance drama Hwayugi as her next project. Based on classic Chinese novel ...

DSCz8MjVAAEn14q.jpg DSCz9VKUEAEf0ju.jpg ...




I've previously talked about my first impressions of the Hwayugi series a while ago. 20 episodes were slated for the series, and episode 10 was aired not ...

Oh-gong is a bit alarmed at that, and follows her out calling that a lie, though he doesn't seem certain of it. He warns her not to lie, so she says she'll ...

#AKoreanOdyssey #Hwayugi #Hwayuki

Hwayugi Korean Odyssey Official Goods Monkey King Punch Doll 30cm Lee Seung gi

HWAYUGI - A KOREAN odyssey. BuJa Back!!!! When Assayeo crying!! Is a BuJa Back???

Hwayugi Ep 1-2 Discussion Post: omonatheydidnt ?

This isn't Lee Ei's first fantasy drama role and certainly not the most famous role she has been in. Before she recited her famous “Hwayugi” “do you want me ...

Lee Se Young Shines Above the Messy Characterization and Narrative of tvN Fantasy Drama Hwayugi

Cast - Hwayugi

00:24Teaser2 (Lee Seung-Gi)

Rapper ONE Confirmed To Make Acting Debut Through Hong Sisters' New Drama


[ENG] Hwayugi - A Korean Odyssey | Ghost of Idol Trainee

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Ratings Dip for Episode 2 of Hwayugi Due to Mistakes and tvN to Air Episode 3 Next Weekend and Delay Episode 4 Until Following Weekend

General Frost can't believe the Jade Dragon blurted this. PK recalls Asanyeo stating she chose Mr. Kang. He wonders why. He vows to kill Asanyeo and Mr. ...

A Korean Odyssey – A New Paranormal Romance Coming to Netflix Soon

Son Oh Gong Die!!! Son Oh Gong Was Die!!! Hwayugi 19 ~ a korean odyssey .. The Real Partner

Hwayugi-A korean odyssey[화유기] ep 15 화 15.

Beloved Korean actor and singer Lee Seung Gi is known for being a smart person in real life. He actually has two master degrees. He graduated from Dongguk ...

... no reason then ends up falling in love with her, we have a monkey whose spell bound to a human, he can't escape the bracelet, he's forced to love her.

Oh Yeon Seo Talks About Differences Between Filming “Hwayugi” And “Cheese In The Trap”

Trailer 30s: Hwayugi

With ...


Hwayugi Episode 5

Cha Seung Won and Kim Sung Oh are both married

OK so let's go ahead and start!

Lee El, Jang Gwang


Character Teaser 2 - Cha Seung Won: Hwayugi

Hwayugi Korean Drama - Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, Cha Seung Won

Misty Korean Drama - Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo

OCN considers a Season 2 for crime thriller Voice

Oh Yeon Seo Describes What It Was Like Working With Lee Seung Gi On “Hwayugi ”

100 DAYS MY PRINCE (Ongoing) - Starring Do Kyung Soo A.K.A. D.O. (My Annoying Brother) and Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner). This historical drama follows ...

The entire drama should have been shot completely, and the post-production work should've taken turn after. That dreadful accident wouldn't have happened ...

Park Bo-gum bows out of Hong sisters fantasy rom-com Hwayugi

TVN 'Hwayugi'

00:15TeaserOh Yeon-Seo

The actor he has been putting a lot of effort into his hair, make up and clothing for the two characters. Additionally, it was revealed that he had even ...


I don't understand why the writers wanted him to act like that. I believe he's not purposefully trying to make these crazy sounds and noises.


She was completely mesmerizing in her roles and depicted both characters so well that her scenes were far more entertaining than the main cast.