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Elsword KE Elsword t

Elsword KE Elsword t


[Elsword KR] Add`s Energy Fusion Theory by T.Code Battle Seraph [13/09/2016] - YouTube

[Elsword KR] T.Void Princess 10-6 Solace's Fortress Blind Run - YouTube

[Elsword KR] T. Lord Knight - Type-void Weapon Final Stage Grinding

[Elsword KR] 9/13 - Add's Energy Fusion Theory -T.Veteran Commander - YouTube Gaming

【Elsword KR】T.Storm Trooper 1:1 PvP (5)

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Elsword KR Patch Notes 11/16 - Elysion 7th Dungeon, UI Update, Balance Patch

엘소드 Elsword KR -English

[Elsword KR] T.Blade Master 10-6 V.H Mode

... eyes turned black like in these concept arts too, many characters already having appearances changed in job change/"special modes" (KE, IS, Chung, Ara, ...

【Elsword KR】T.Crimson Rose 1:1 PvP (2)

[Elsword KR] T.Elemental Master 10-7 with Solo Buff

05:42 [KR Elsword] 엘소드 데들리체이서 엘의 탑 방어전 솔플 /T.

Sword ...

Lanuch Elsword KR Client

[Elsword KR] Elsword Renewal 23/07/2015 - Magic Knight/Rune

[Elsword KR] +12 T.Wind Sneaker 2:2 PvP #1

[Elsword] KR It's same voice actor(in KR Elsword)

[Elsword KR] T. Lord Knight / Elrianode / Water Dragon's Sanctuary

【Elsword KR】Tempest Burster 11-6 Lost Elrian Sanctuary

[Elsword KR] T. Iron Paladin - 9-5 Heroic Dungeon Hell mode

[Elsword KR] T.AP 11-5 El Tower Defense .

[Elsword KR] T.Dimension Witch 300MP Skill - Impact Zone

[Elsword KR] T.AP 11-4 Debrian Research Institute party play

[Elsword KR] T. Lord Knight - 9-3 Heroic Dungeon Hell mode 29/04/2017

please don't remove the source Elsword Online, Hot

[Elsword - KR] T.Iron Paladin New Super Active Rapid Guardian

[Elsword KR] Event items

Elsword KR Knight Emperor 11 6 Sanctuary Of The Lost Elrian

[Elsword KR] T.Blazing Heart 9-5 Hero Hell without matching buff | Daikhlo

[Elsword KR] T.Grand Master PvP

[Elsword KR] Transcendence Grand Archer - Debrian Research Institute Solo Play

[Elsword - KR] T.Iron Paladin New Super Active Rapid Guardian Buff Mana

+1.5% HP = Identify Bonus stat +10% Add Dmg = Socket stat (Sage socket) +10% Maximize = Socket stat (Sage socket) +6% Aspd, +18% Mspd, +18% Jspd = Socket ...

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.


1920x1080 [Elsword KR] Pre Season T.Lord Knight Best Of Three PVP (Arena) / 프리시즌 초월 로드 ë‚˜ì ´íŠ¸ 3íŒ 2ì„ ìŠ¹ì œ ê³µì‹ ëŒ€ì „ - YouTube

[Elsword KR] 「Preseason」T.Dreadlord ... 10 months ago

Download 【Elsword KR】T.Crimson Rose 1:1 PvP (4)

[Elsword KR] T.Asura PvP gameplay Rank: SSS (31/JUL/2016) - YouTube - cast to TV - cococast.com


Elsword KR T Storm Trooper 10 6 Solace S Fortress

Elsword KR - 3rd Job 3rd Path Thread

【Elsword KR】T.Optimus 11-6 Lost


[Elsword KR] T.Nobless 3v3 PvP(Arena)

Elsword KR - Arme Thaumaturgy - Hyper Active in Elrios Studio

[Elsword] Code Sariel 4-Y Dungeon Play (Add's Energy Fusion Theory)

[Elsword KR] T.YamaRaja 1:1 PvP Play(PreSeason) 초월 명왕 프리시즌 1:1 공식대전 #1 - Utra Video City look video with us

+P +W [Elsword KR] T. Sakra Devanam - Treasure Hunter

[Elsword KR] Deadly Chaser PvP TIPs (2)

Elsword kr T.Richter PVE stat ( ERP 186 )

T. Rune Slayer New Trans Special Skill (Elsword KR) 03/11/2016

[Elsword KR] Transcendent Dimension Witch 1:1 PvP / [엘소드]

[Elsword KR] T.Void Princess 3-x Gameplay

[Elsword KR] T. Erbluhen Emotion - 7-7 Heroic Dungeon Hell Mode

Kflonic elsword kr t.crimson avenger pvp

[Elsword KR] T. Diaboilc Esper 6-4 Heroic Hell mode Solo play

[Elsword KR] I have to save myself!

[Elsword KR] T.Grand Archer : Water Dragon's Sanctuary / 그랜드아처 :

[Granblue Fantasy] Lv 120 Twin Element フラム=グラス HL Solo

[Elsword KR] T.Dreadlord 3v3 PvP(Arena)

[Elsword KR] T.Blazing Heart PvP 2 years ago

[Elsword] Lunatic Psyker 1:1 PvP (2016.08.11) Transcend!

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[Shadow]Elsword KR T.Reckless Fist 1vs1 PVP

[Elsword KR] Diabolic Esper - 10-2: Atlas City

[Elsword Kr] T. Erbluhen Emotion PvP

[Elsword KR] T.Void Princess 11-2 : Water Dragon's Sanctuary

[Elsword KR] T. Grand Archer 3.

[Elsword] T. Yama Raja 2-X Solo play (Wally's Underground Laboratory

[Granblue Fantasy] Lv 100 Yngwie イングヴェイ Showcase (Athena Solo)

[Elsword KR] T. Infinity Sword - 6 -1 Heroic Dungeon Hell mode

[Elsword KR] T.Iron Paladin - Henir Challenge mode Solo Play

[Elsword KR/엘소드]강인둠브 애드던전 58초 클리어/Tenacity

... raven's core with a few tweaks. well anything better than nothing, i was kind of prepare for this since somehow KR elsword seems to not like Eve T^T

Download [Elsword KR] T 나이트 와처 공식대전 T Night Watcher PvP #7

Elsword Kr English Patch

New HA Slot

Elsword kr happy new year 2017 t wind sneaker 1 1 pvp 8


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[Elsword KR] T.Nobless 3v3 PvP(Arena)

07:42 Immortal solo Shadow Vein Rematch(Elsword KR 21/09/2018)


Elsword KR] T.Elemental Master 1:1 PVP (SS)/초월

[Elsword KR] T.Blade Master 1v1 PVP