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Dude I can totally make this Jens perfect wedding t

Dude I can totally make this Jens perfect wedding t


... Joey is freaking out at Bessie, telling her they're in over their heads. Well, what do you propose, Joey? Going out and telling the bride and groom that ...

We're very, very, happy, you guys are amazing!!!! We're back from the honeymoon and want to circle back with you guys to thank you and ...

So I fainted in the middle of my best friend's wedding. Just got the pictures back.

So crazy awesome! Take me back in time now please!!!! These are just insanely good. We can't thank you enough! Call me crazy but do we need to print/make a ...

"I love all the pictures from the wedding and rehearsal. Thanks for making me so happy."

Jens Lekman

20170812_528.jpg. "

We love, love, love them. You guys were our favorites of all our vendors. You guys are incredible!!!!!!!"

"You guys are so awesome at what you do!!!! Thank you!"


Thank you so much for helping us create photos that equaled the love & specialness of our wedding day.

... photos and are blown away by how awesome you guys are!! The pictures turned out phenomenal and we love how you shot them! Can't wait for the wedding!

Pacey is trying unsuccessfully to convince Andi to help with the wedding. They're totally going to make $60 each, you guys! Actually, for 3-4 hours work, ...


Dude, take a pill. Bro Dad comes over and introduces his date, who immediately bails because why would ...

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you thank you thank you, we love them and they totally brought us back to the day. You truly captured all of the details and ...

Joey's dad, aka Mr. Potter, is making breakfast and is really happy to be home. He tells Joey that he's not going anywhere, which I'm sure has nothing to do ...

It honestly looks like he dumped water on it or something to make it more pliable. Andi stalls the bride and groom, ...

Dawson is all pissy that Bro Dad and the film teacher are flirting when Jack shows up and asks them to help with the wedding. Dawson agrees to help, ...


Jack really wants to help the bride, who is mostly freaking because she isn' t sure that the groom is her soul mate. Jack tells her there's no such thing as ...

Lotte Jeffs and her partner Jen on their wedding day


Since Joey's number one quality is being a bitch, she's obviously great at ordering everyone around at the wedding. Dawson corners her and tells her that ...

What the fuck did you do, Jen? Jesus, she's totally going to be really fucked up from here on out.


Pacey and Andi reluctantly wheel the cake out to the bride and groom. Despite the fact that the top looks like complete and utter dog shit, they both think ...

omg this makes a PERFECT wedding gift!!! I am totally doing this for future weddings I get invited to!!!

"We can't thank you enough for these beautiful photos! You ladies are so incredibly talented and we are just amazed each time we scroll through the photos."

Guys usually find it difficult to buy a pair of jeans which is stylish, not too expensive and still of decent quality i.e. will last them at least a year or ...

Clothing Inspiration: Casual groom and groomsmen. The groom should always look distinct from his groomsmen. Groom in grey, groomsmen in black?

She's super experienced and works tirelessly in the background to make everything go so smoothly! And here are just a handful of the many pictures we had ...

The groom should always look distinct from his groomsmen. Here, the groom wears a

Maui Beach Wedding Photographers: Gordon Nash Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie

This is a smart and casual way to dress up and can be worn to weddings without looking way too informal.


tan vests with purple shirts

Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie

They were perfect for the setting, not to mention flattering to all and I loved how they almost mimic the style of Jen's dress. Oh, and the guys look good ...

Crete Wedding Crete Wedding

Beauty Tips

Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie

Love Shoot by Amorology Weddings and Jill Thomas

#4: German Dudes Aren't Prude

She's super experienced and works tirelessly in the background to make everything go so smoothly! And here are just a handful of the many pictures we had ...

How To Make Ripped/Distressed Jeans- DIY

Hyde Bank Farm Wedding Photography - Gemma + Dean - Kyle Hassall Photography

Stephanie and Jason signed their Ketubah:

Back over with the girls the amazing Dani Wagener was working her magic. Dani is hands-down the very very very very very best make up artist in Boston.

Our gay wedding: 'Does one of us have to play the groom?' | Society | The Guardian


Exclusive: Jennifer Garner's Frank Talk About Kids, Men, and Ben Affleck

As you can imagine I've seen quite a number of dresses over the years and Jen's was definitely unique - it was a two-piece design and it suited her ...

Best Wedding Photography Gear

They were perfect for the setting, not to mention flattering to all and I loved how they almost mimic the style of Jen's dress. Oh, and the guys ...

#17: Wedding Dress Essentials

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Jen & David- Springton Manor Farm Wedding


Lifeline Photography - wedding photographer

We then took some relaxed yet totally mantel-worthy family pictures. Grandmothers are the best :)

more of this guy.

6 Trendy Weddings Outfit Ideas for Men - Men don't really have an immense diversity, unlike women, when it comes to fashion. But that fact should not be an ...

Here and gone, folks.

Proud parents of the bride and a very happy groom (the picture of Jason on the right is Jen's):


For classic shots of a bride and her bouquet, I'm completely fine with being straight on and centered. As long as I can make sure she stays between me and ...


fashion tips

We were joined by Stephanie and Jason's wedding party for some pictures. One of the best things about doing a first look/pre-ceremony pictures is that ...

Casual Wedding Outfits for Men -18 Ideas What to Wear as Wedding Guest

Biggest surprise. That we ended up in the pool! I had a second wedding dress a short one so that i could dance and not get too hot in and as the ...

We loved that we got to know you guys and your family and friends. Getting to shoot with you was completely perfect.

Being forced to wait for the bride, everyone is getting super impatient and, wait, was that Tom Skerritt in the wedding party!?


PHOTOS of the CW Wedding: Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris

5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Have Sex with a German Dude – Oh God, My Wife Is German.

Peter Yang 1 / 26


Best wishes and warm regards with Aloha are sending Mr. & Mrs. Katharina & Jens Franke"

... 14 'Totally Us' Homemade Wedding By Tux & Tales Photography ...

Accepting the 2012 Best Picture Oscar for Argo, Affleck turned heads — and not in the good way — when he referred to their marriage as "work.

This will give you the cool look that you've been wanting to achieve. Don't forget to add on some really nice loafers.

Brighton Photo - wedding photography

t-shirt with blazer look

Fall Leaves

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#3: German Dudes Are Humble

I Hired A Cheap Wedding Photographer


Via But That's Another Story

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner's Relationship Timeline - Bennifer Call Off Divorce