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Did you know the meaning to all of these shapes Oriental Rug

Did you know the meaning to all of these shapes Oriental Rug


A Qashqai rug. South Persia, circa 1890. 8ft 1 in x 6ft 3

A Kirman 'vase' carpet. Southeast Persia, late 17th century. 8ft 3

A large Northwest Persian Kelleh. Early 19th century. 21 ft x 7 ft 3

The Lehmann-Bärenklau Kuba medallion carpet. East Caucasus, first half 18th century.


The green ground Hüelsman double-niche medallion Ushak rug. West Anatolia, late 16th

Antique Turkish rug

Did you know the meaning to all of these shapes? | Oriental Rug Tips and Info | Pinterest | Shapes, Symbols and Tattoo

Kazak 3' 11" x 5' 11" (ft) ...


10 Styles of Oriental & Persian Rugs: From Aubusson to Qashqai | Apartment Therapy



Wonderful Oriental Rug Designs for Your Home



An Akstafa runner. East Caucasus, circa 1880. 10ft x 3ft 6 in (

A central Asian trapping. Possibly Kyrgyz, early 19th century. 2 ft 4 in

The origin of the knotted pile rug[edit]

The Clark 'Sickle-Leaf', vine scroll and palmette carpet, probably Kirman, 17th century

Heriz Wool Rug ar37861 ( 9' 01" ...

By learning the meanings of Persian rug patterns, you will be able to “read a rug” and understand what the weaver tells us.


Kazak 3' 10" x 5' 4" (ft) ...

A rug by Basseri tribe

Antique Persian Heriz Rug

Left image: Silk Tabriz Persian rug with a predominantly curvilinear design. Right image: Serapi carpet, Heriz region, Northwest Persia, circa 1875, ...

The knot count is based on the number of knots or nodes within the rug. A finely knotted rug is more expensive, but only if you compare rugs from the ...

Lower left corner of a "Transylvanian" Lotto carpet from the Biertan fortified church in Transylvania, Romania, demonstrating unresolved corners. This ...

Oriental rugs the meanings behind the designs

fine handmade persian rug with extensive moth damage

Bijar carpets[edit]

A Kirman pictorial carpet. Southeast Persia, circa 1900. 8 ft 1 in x

10 Styles of Oriental & Persian Rugs: From Aubusson to Qashqai | Apartment Therapy

Oriental Rugs

For those of us working in the antique rug world, the differences among Persian, Oriental, Moroccan, Turkish and kilim rugs are obvious, ...

Egyptian rug megerian brothers

Choosing Oriental Rugs

Senneh rug that has been attacked by a sewing machine to add side-cords and

Bring the perfect vintage look to your décor with this 100 percent polypropylene,machine made Distressed Persian Rug. Available in circle, rectangle and ...

Geometric Tribal Village Rug Vs Floral City Made Persian Rug by Nazmiyal

I also have oriental carpets in my house.If you want to have one you should know important tips before you buy.

Antique Serapi in Library

Oriental Rug

How to Clean an Area Rug

Oriental rug

Biggest Design Mistakes_buying rugs that are too small_roundup_emily henderson_expert advice

Cleaning Area Rugs

An area rug under a bed

Persian Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas | Oriental Rug Cleaners NV | Professional Rug Cleaning 89118 - Oriental Express

Vacuuming Area Rugs

I love this blue sofa with the red persian rug. Living room done!

Oriental Rugs

bedroom teal accents

Persian Pile Rug Detail

... of you with Oriental rugs that were so expensive you can't part with them yet. Or maybe you have an inherited Persian rug or two and need to know what ...

3. 3 Most Persian rugs are made from these materials: ...

A rug design is comprised of several components, so let's first define those :

Scarab in a Qashqai rug

Agra Rug

6 brilliant Persian Rug Styling Ideas to Steal from Designers

Authentic Oriental Rug Price

Border rug

You can also layer rugs. A smaller rug on top of a larger one helps define seating areas and creates visual interest. Use carpet tape to keep the rug safely ...

Persian carpet

Rug Layouts and Designs




Persian rugs — considered the grande dame, the queen mother, the standard by which other rugs are measured — are Oriental, though not all Oriental rugs are ...

Living room rug

Create a Bohemian Style With these Oriental Rugs

You should go there and see for yourself. So if you want to see some yarn in a typical rug-making facility, then check out this video.

Contemporary Rugs

Our beautiful 'Jabir' persian rug, this hand loomed beauty is straight from Iran & is looking all sexy this fiiiiiiine Monday - Tap the link to see the ...

black and white diamond shapes rug

NAIN Rug MJ3032 ...

Somewhere out there, hopefully at our store, your perfect area rug or rugs awaits you. The challenge is finding it, or them, because the spectrum of area ...

Persian rug

Kermanshah 'Tree of Life' carpet, 3rd quarter 19th century

... make the rug bunch up or lose its shape. Here is a video of the rug on the rack! After drying the back is sized. These images may offend some viewers.

Geometric Tribal Reproduction Rug

bokhara oriental rugs

Although these rugs do not show the entire design, they only show the basic or fundamental portion of the various larger decorative elements of the field ...

Authentic Persian Rug Price

Typical MAHAL(Mahalat)Persian Rugs

If you just think 'solid drapes' instead of a pattern, you can buy them off the shelf and transform your living room TODAY.

A silk Heriz pictorial rug (detail). Northwest Persia, circa 1890. 6

Distressed rug

See this Instagram photo by @bohemian.traders

Qashqai rug

Left image: Persian Animal carpet, Safavid period, 16th century, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. Right image: Details of the field.