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Bnha traitor theory hagakure is a hero Boku no hero academia

Bnha traitor theory hagakure is a hero Boku no hero academia


The "Kaminari Is The Traitor" Theory Walkthrough || My Hero Academia Explained

The U A Traitor Boku No Hero Academia Theory

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Toru's Transparency Quirk And Traitor Theory | My Hero Academia

... it's time once again to post my ongoing, zany "Toru Hagakure is the traitor" theory. Also because I only had like 17 followers the last time I did.

Manga SpoilersAnonymous discovers who the traitor is.

THE NEXT SUSPECT || A HERO TRAITOR!?! || Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. Joy_Boy Theories

[ IMG]

Is Toru Hagakure a Traitor?

The initial designs... Well, Kaminari's initial design was surely very ...

Original Thread. https://i.redd.it/96h7au7pz0cx.jpg

Last 3 days for Korean manhwa/webtoon community was complete shitshow

Of course, you may think that's just Hagakure Tooru. Although, in the photo of the girls sleeping, she may be invisible but she's sleeping in the top left ...

WHO IS THE U.A. TRAITOR? (My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia UA Spy Theory Revealed)

Caleb Cook (@CDCubed) May 20, 2018

Toru Hagakure doesn't really exist! (Crazy Anime Theories That Actually Make Sense / Hero Academia)


KYOUKA JIROU IS THE TRAITOR!? Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 98 Review + DEEP ANALYSIS - YouTube

The FORESHADOWING and CLUES Nearly EVERYONE MISSED... || Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. Joy_Boy Theories

... Hagakure is knocked unconscious by the gas during the Vanguard Action Squad attack at the summer camp, but to be fair this is a gas attack, ...

[ IMG]

The UA Traitor is... KOJI KODA!! (Crazy Anime Theories That Actually Make Sense / My Hero Academia)

MangaFreak – Origin of Traitor Theory


Aoyama Traitor Theory Debunked! Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 168 Review

Why Do People Like Ojiro And Hagakure; We Hardly Ever See Them! My Hero Academia Pairs Explained

The U.A Traitor - My Hero Academia Theory

DID HE LIE!?! || Clues found between the lines? || My Hero / Boku No Hero Academia THEORY

The girls took Iida's glasses

I have a Denki theory ...

Uraraka's Gravity Control Quirk And Traitor Theory | My Hero Academia

Now in the first villain arc she is seen fighting alongside others against the villains but I think that is part of the the trick

Toru Hagakure/Invisible Girl! | My Hero Academia Discussion

Okay so he's either a traitor or just an inner gay because I have been reading by far too many fanfics someone help me

[ IMG]

(Not clear enough for her to be neither good nor bad)

I'm going to be talking about the 'Kaminari is the traitor' theory, and will give all evidence that i know of.

Doesn't this seem a bit suspicious that Kaminari is missing? Of course, who doesn't get up for a late bathroom run? It fits his personality well.

My Response || My Hero Academia Traitor Theories


The IDENTITY of the Traitor FINALLY REVEALED??? - Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. Joy_Boy Theories

THE U.A TRAITOR || I Really Think I Know.. || Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Every Major Hero Academia Theory on YouTube (and MatPat's Film Theories) - Honest Anime

It's simply a weird thing for someone, who wants to be a hero, to say. Unless he had some type of connection to him?

A definitive ranking of 'My Hero Academia' characters

All Toru Hagakure Screen Time from Boku no Hero Academia

CosplayTooru Hagakure Cosplay ...

I made this awhile ago, but it's not mentioned in the post so ...

My hero Academia Theories:

It's about a middle school student, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who lives in a world where people with superpower, known as "Quirks," are normal.

Caleb Cook

Boku no Hero Academia || Tooru Hagakure

Pin by Micaela Veglia on Boku No Hero Academia | Pinterest | Hero, Anime and Manga

Want to add to the discussion?

Top 10 Eijiro Kirishima Facts You Didn't Know! (My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia)

Is Kaminari The Traitor? | Boku No Hero Academia Theory Discussion

Doesn't that comment seem slightly out of character? You wouldn't expect someone like Kaminari to know something like this.

UA Traitor Theories. Mystery / Thriller. These are my very own theories for the UA Traitor in My Hero Academia ...

When he asks her how she does that she replies by saying that she was taught how to manage doing that in her school.

image image

Perhaps the villain side of him that was originally intended still remains but covered up, according to people who contributed to the theory.

Post image

Pin by Surbhi Rathore on Boku No Hero Academia | Pinterest | Hero, Anime and Manga

AnimeMy Hero Academia ...

Now why is this interesting? Its interesting because it lets us know that Aoyama was absent during the whole cafeteria chaos on the day Iida became class ...

Deku's mother had a pained face ...

... My hero by Seagull Boi. More information

Manga SpoilersI was rereading and found this that supports the traitor theory.

A bit I noticed was when he was describing Shoji's quirk. He points out how he's going to get attention. But why does he point that out? In my opinion ...

Tooru Hagakure: UA Traitor

The only problem with the theory that he might eat the wire (which in his free time he might who knows) in the examples we are given both times we see that ...

Will Neito Monoma COPY One For All? - My Hero Academia Theory

ArtworkAfter 3 hours i finally got Toru Hagakure face right.

... but unlike everyone else, their exact location is NEVER detailed to us. Even when Horikoshi shows us a map of the area with everyone's location, ...

Toru Hagakure doesn't really exist! (Crazy Anime Theories That Actually Make Sense

My Hero Academia // BNHA // Katsuki Bakugo // Kacchan

Boku no Hero Academia Misc — Source: 野崎

Here we can easily tell that Hagakure is sleeping there, as Horikoshi drew a type of shadow pressing down on the pillow and madras.

ArtworkMy Hero ...

My Hero Academia Chapter 195

Boku no Hero Academia || Mashirao Ojiro, Tooru Hagakure.

Welcome to Reddit,

Now here's where it gets interesting, there's a theory that the whole Yakuza raid got leaked , There is some evidence that points to this with the league ...

All Might [Boku no Hero Academia]'s photos (pls marry me omg)

BokuNoHeroAcademia, myheroacademia, bnha, allmight, izukumidoriya - iFunny :)

*SPOILERS* Traitorous Discussion for BnHA

It's a good sketch, but what is going on with Kaminari's facial expression? Let's look a bit closer for a second.

Boku no Hero Academia Manga #151

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ArtworkFree Boku no Hero poster I got at a local screening of Two Heroes ...

Top 5 Interesting Things About The Hero Dorms + Possible Traitor Hints? - My Hero

Shinso Will Reveal The UA Traitor? My Hero Academia Theory

Hagakure Toru My Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia Funny, Animes Manga, Manga