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A great diagram I found on tumblr I pieced all the panels together

A great diagram I found on tumblr I pieced all the panels together


A great diagram I found on tumblr. I pieced all the panels together but the art is not mine. | Historical Costume | Pinterest | 15th century

English Knight: Equipment, second half of the century Graham Turner

I'll be tabling at @dinkdenver this weekend and be on a panel on

D&D Edition Armor: Planar Handbook, Sandstorm, Races of the Wild, Stormwrack, Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Broad Summary of Thermodynamics: Sometimes seeing the Bigger Picture helps you Put together the smaller pieces and connect the dots b/w Physics, Chemistry, ...

What's important is how to handle stuff like this in a profession where there isn't Human Resources to handle problems with freelancers.

Over the course of just a couple of days we have plummeted from summer through fall into what feels to us like winter. Given that the annual average ...

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Here's a little guide on how to draw lace by me diet-hola

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Each little scene is part of a bigger picture that engages. (Try not to watch the purple balls drop and move throughout the drawing.)


Upper panel: estimated LCF at redshift z = 0.0 for different particle densities (in

[This piece is part of a collection of writing on fans and fandom from the Fansplaining podcast. Follow us on Twitter or Tumblr, and if you're interested in ...

ideal mixing of different solar panels of the same voltage, connected in parallel with controller

Cut all of your pattern pieces; you should have 6 skirt panels, 2 bust panels (one is for the bust, one is for the back, but the pieces are identical, ...

Location: I'm in Artist Alley, table AA-1309-1310 (see diagram above - click on the image for larger view), along with a bunch of dear, talented pals.

Each line displays a page 's title and an icon representing its page type. A house icon appears to the left of your homepage. Click the + icon at the top to ...


Despite the general fuck up on the Supergirl cast the fandom reaction is killing me- i've been laughing all day 😂😂😂😂😂(but i'm obviously angry with how ...

What is Essure?

We've probably all got an Instagram account, Pinterest and Tumblr for documenting and showcasing ...


momoconteng: “ Inktober Day 9: Precious “We have to protect the Dragon Prince

ideal mixing of different photovoltaic panels of the different voltages with controller

In addition to the above, Autism Speaks spends about a million a year in lobbying activities for autism insurance reform and raising federal funding for ...

difference between cnc machining and 3d printing


Best-fitting phase-polarization curves of the data sets obtained by merging together the

Diagram depicts eight layers, including the frame at the top; the glazing; a

Diagrammatic interpretation of the Large Glass as completed

Containerization and Splunk: How Docker and Splunk Work Together

I started with the chest piece and the shoulder pads. Shoulder pad tutorial here. how he bends the foam is how you should for all the pieces

Diagram of panel construction.

Pin the sleeves and bodice panels together at the curved seam, in the following order: Bust panel, sleeve panel, bust panel, sleeve panel.


alt text


socialoomph social media management

The dream of waking up and randomly finding the source of your depression.

Chemical recycling of waste plastics for new materials production | Nature Reviews Chemistry

Intent - Minimal Portfolio Theme ~ WordPress Portfolio Themes ~ Creative Market

Constellations Highlights from the Nation's Collection of Modern Art



HOW TO: The Healing Power of Colloidal Silver, and How to Make Your Own

google search console index status

cnc machining files

The three groups of designs are brought together as a collection by sharing the same color and print stories. All the pieces can be mix and match to create ...

BAML commodities

Pattern Sheets of Origamic Architecture. Tokyo: Shokokusha, 1984.

Start of the process to create your seven rows. Notice that each fold up is angled.

How turning the screws of the vat affects the leveling of the print.

image of Decision Tree outlining the steps followed for determining and declaring the serving size of

Gaia Acoustic panel Blå Station 2016 Stone Designs

1 ...

Missing knockout plug Opening in panel cover

Hat tip to Ai Lyn Tan.


The interstitium

The rest of the panels are self explanatory. Just cut a big circle into the braces, so air can circulate. Do this for all the braces, except for 2.

adding one indicator to another in mt4

Download high-res image (172KB) ...

Diagram of panel construction.

alt text

Gramota No. 199.


google search console crawl stats

In using all three metrics, 1) the Veracity scale, 2), the fact-to-opinion Expression scale, and 3) the Fairness scale, I came up with what I believe are ...

5 Reasons Solar is Beating Fossil Fuels

Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for Canada: Report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation

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how to start a blog

Pete Shelley is great on this memory – he has a Rolodex in his head. It was a student audience. All we did that weekend was gig on the Friday, ...


combination of series and parallel connection of solar photovoltaic panels


Cover Page s

LUNAV high school AU fan art, by cassiebones on tumblr. Sadie stands with one

Diagram by Xochitl Garcia

It definitely added a level of stress as I didn't have much scope for mistakes at this point. There were some that could be corrected with good old Tippex ...

Chicago-based DJ Pluto / Artist / Publisher (Good-Bye Press) Ben Marcus is building an installation of kinetic sculptures in Mount Analogue, ...

How 'Dear Evan Hansen' became one of the most remarkable shows in musical-theater history - The Washington Post

The redshift evolutionary tracks of all 33 galaxies in our catalogue in the stellar mass–

sarcoma fusion map

Caption: Early sketches of the pods by Norman Foster show how the designers considered issues both large (how each pod fits into the structure of the Ring) ...

Outcome Spectrum

At CNN, viewers who may have grown accustomed to seeing documentaries and travelogues break up multiple hours of Cooper and Don Lemon are now getting used ...